Three Things Thursday – Curacao Edition

Three things Thursday…

1. Running:

Too much of this..

and this…

is making my tummy upset and I skipped a real workout this morning. Even some unexpected company in the gym…

couldn’t get me to push myself.I was super stressed about missing so much training since I’m ya know, supposed to run a marathon next month. But, I’ve read that missing training on vacation hurts your confidence more than your fitness and I’m hoping that’s true.

Either way, I am planning on adding in some better runs and a fitness plan as soon as I get home!

2. Eating: Last night’s dinner was at the Italian place and got pizza. I love pizza, but am still dreaming of Chicago deep dish.

This morning I tried to clean up my eating with oatmeal and yogurt. I felt a lot better after this meal than I’ve felt after most of them here. I don’t think I’ve been eating intuitively and need to get it together.

3. Fun: I did some more snorkeling while Ben tried his hand at wind surfing.

Now we’re off to an ostrich farm. Random, huh.

3 1/3. Two of the magazines I brought have meal and work out plans to help you lose up to 8 pounds in a month. Is it a coincidence? Maybe, but I am taking it under advisement 😉


  1. says

    i probably said this before but i’m still digging the blondness :)

    and holllllllllller to the drinking. it must be relaxing :) so i agree that stressing about the training while on vacay is more harmful than the missed workouts and condone the drinks. relaxing and all. you’ll still rock the marathon!

  2. Lindsay says

    Monica, I’m so glad the two of ya’ll are able to take such a beautiful vacation together. I’m jealous! I know that indulgence is only so fun for so long and then it just gets blah because (if you are like me) you become grumpy pants out of frusteration. I hope you can continue to relax and enjoy this special time with the hubs and not worry about things like excercise. That will be there when you get back but that chocolate mousse sure won’t be! :-)

  3. Lived in Wien! says

    Be gentle with yourself. Kindness will go along way. What would your best friend say? Hopefully she would not say, “You need to get it together!”. Enjoy vacation, and stay mindful.

  4. Sarah H says

    What makes you think that you could be a helpful dietician for someone else? I mean, you kind of need to set an example…

      • Sarah H says

        I wouldn’t trust a dietician whose blog is essentially dedicated to berating herself for eating. Would you (or anyone) trust a nervous, jittery therapist? Would you go to a dietician who has some serious food issues herself?

        • says

          To be honest, yes. It would make me feel better to know that I am not alone. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to explain my struggles to my naturally stick thin doctor who tries her best to understand, but hasn’t lived through it!

        • Lived in Wien! says

          Well, I agree with you on the berating, but everyone is human. I’m sure she will agree she is a work in progress. I don’t think it is for us to say what career she takes on. Feel free to disagree. Blessings!

        • says

          Hi Sarah,
          I am sorry if you read my post as me berating myself for eating. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and it was not my intention for this post to imply that I felt bad about myself for eating dessert or drinking pina coladas :)
          But, I do realize that having dessert with lunch and dinner for 5 days straight, plus indulging in higher calorie alcoholic beverages can really add up! My goal is to lose a few pounds before I carry my body 26.2 miles and I just wanted to keep that in mind, so I posted it here.
          I have always been very open and honest on RER about my issues with food. Many of my posts are meant to have a light hearted feel, so please don’t take this post in the wrong way.

    • says

      Being an educated Registered Dietitian who knows what they are talking about is different than the emotions that are attached to weight and eating.

      Sarah you are incorrect, Monica will make a great RD and i admire her openness on this blog and how she is able to be realistic about her insecurities.

  5. jennifer says

    do you really think you need to lose 8 pounds? :( or any weight at all? i understand that you may not feel your personal best when you’re on vacation and indulging in a lot of restaurant food/desserts/etc, and believe me, i know how these things go, but i really think you should try to relax and enjoy yourself! it seems that you don’t see yourself in the same way that others see you; i would LOVE to look as fit as you!
    also, it seems like you’re staying quite active with the walking, swimming, etc, so don’t worry about exercise too much! it’s vacation for a reason 😉

  6. says

    I hope you are enjoying everything about your tropical vacation – including the food! It will just get you mentally ready for the training ahead.

    Btw, I think about Chicago deep dish often…more often than normal.

  7. JessicaE says

    I’m sure that if you take a look at those magazine articles, you will realize that they probably sound about the same as every other diet plan fad, and that you already know most of the information they give you! :)

    I know you feel like you have to be strict with yourself due to binging problems, so its even more difficult for you to let go completely on vacation. But you’ve been doing great! You’re making an effort to work out, getting fruits and veggies in, (and cake!!) and spending time with your Husband. I always try to remember that there is food that’s good for your body, but there’s also food that’s good for your soul. Xo.

  8. Rae says

    I totally understand the vacation mindset and worrying about training!! I ran a triathlon 2 days after getting back from my honeymoon (a week and a half of sporadic training and EATING!) and was so wrried it would affect my race. Well, guess what…I PRed by 8 minutes on a SPRINT course, came in 7th out of 100 females and won my age group!!

    Lesson….mental relaxation will sometimes prep you more than training. youve run a marathon, your body knows what to do . trust it, girl. YOU RoCK!!

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