The Ostrich Farm and Hato Caves

Ben and I went on an excursion yesterday. First to the Hato caves, which were cool, but not as cool as caves I’ve seen in the Sequoias. IMG_0337IMG_0323

It was super hot in the caves since the rock walls retain heat. IMG_0332

  Obviously, it was dark in the cave. Sorry for the blurry picture. IMG_0331

Before we left for the excursion we had lunch at the resort’s buffet. Throughout the trip I tried to keep lunch on the healthier side since breakfast, dinner and alcoholic beverages were really adding up! IMG_0316

But, I couldn’t resist a fried plantain. Ben and I fell in love with these the first time we visited Central America and keep meaning to make them at home. IMG_0317

Okay, back to the trip – after the Hato Caves  we were off to the Ostrich Farm. It was a lot cooler than I expected and I’m really glad I went.  IMG_0351

We were able to see ostriches of all ages and learn a lot about them. Like, the female ostriches pluck and eat the feathers from their butts to get calcium. This helps them lay stronger eggs. IMG_0366

And adult ostriches can be aggressive and kick very powerfully. You do not want to approach an ostrich in the wild. One kick can leave you dead.

We took a jeep around the farm and got off a few times to see everything close up. IMG_0354 

I even fed an ostrich. This was scary because I was the first one to do it. It was amazing to feel their neck rubbing on my arms. IMG_0370

Ben did it too.IMG_0371

And then I fed them out of my hand. They bit my skin a little and it was just like a little pinch.   

Ostriches sit on their eggs to incubate them so the egg shell can withstand up to 400 pounds! It was really cool to hold an ostrich egg, they are very heavy and you can tell the shell is very thick. Fun fact: Ostrich eggs have less cholesterol than chicken eggs. IMG_0378 Ben stood on it to show how strong it is. I was too scared. IMG_0381

Before we built up a meaningful relationship with the ostriches during the tour, we had time to just hang out on the farm.

They have a restaurant on property that sells different types of ostrich dishes.IMG_0339IMG_0344 Ben said he didn’t know when he would be able to have an authentic ostrich burger again, so he got one. IMG_0341

It’s weird, even though they are birds – ostrich meat is like red meat. IMG_0343

I tasted it and think it was very similar to red meat too. IMG_0345

Plus a beer because that’s what vacations are all about. IMG_0338

The tour guide explained that they make a lot of effort to be ecological and don’t waste any part of the bird. Any parts that can’t be used for the restaurant are given to the pigs or alligators on the farm. A local artist even makes sculptures with the bones. None of it is thrown away. IMG_0352

Dinner – Thursday night the resort has a huge outdoor event with a bunch of international food stations. Ben and I scored a great table outside and hit up the different delicacies.

The highlight of this plate is the johnny cake in the lower left hand side. It’s basically a doughnut that is sold as a biscuit. IMG_0389 There was also saladIMG_0387 and dessert. IMG_0391 But, just as we were about to dig in we were swarmed by bugs. At first we tried to bat them away, but that didn’t help. So, we grabbed our plates and ran into the indoor dining area. Everyone around our area had to flee too. It was crazy!


This morning Ben and I took a run walk around the local neighborhood. I didn’t run outside on this trip outside of today because there seemed to be a lot of stray dogs around. Getting stung by a jellyfish is one thing, but getting rabies in another country is another.


As soon as we got back we hit up breakfast. They didn’t have oatmeal today so I tried the “cornmeal” (it was not called grits). it was amazing. Probably full of butter and sugar, but amazing.IMG_0407

Plus yogurt, fruit and almonds. I finally broke down and had some peanut butter too. My body was super happy to have PB, even if it was the waxy kind. IMG_0405

Then, Ben and I spent out last day in Curacao on the beach. We did a little bit of snorkeling. And also tried the cycling boat thing. IMG_0412But, we had a disagreement with the current and lost. So, we returned the boat and relaxed. 


Ahhhhh, just take in the beauty. IMG_0408

Now that we’re gone I can talk about where we were staying. Ben and I stayed at Breezes Super Club in Curacao. I found it online after much research into a good beach destination vacation. IMG_0394

I think we got a fair price considering it is an all inclusive resort. We have never stayed at an AI before, so I don’t have anything else to compare it to though. IMG_0393 

The food and service were good


the rooms were good. I am pretty sure I reserved the cheapest room type they offer and we still got a distant view of the ocean. IMG_0395

Here are some other pictures of the room – IMG_0053 IMG_0059 

and the beach was clean.  IMG_0410

This looks like a Corona commercial. Love it.


Overall, we had a great time. But,  I don’t think we would come back to Curacao as, I think the island is too touristy and there is not much to do outside of the resort.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

I am currently blogging on the flight from Curacao to Miami. I won’t be getting home until super late (we’re hoping 2am). So, I’m not sure what that means for my long run tomorrow. I’ll be blogging on a normal schedule from here out though :)


  1. says

    It looks like you had so much fun! I would’ve been apprehensive to feed those ostriches 😛 At the zoo i’ve fed giraffes and elephants (and been slobbered on by elephant trunks – ew)
    I can’t believe those eggs are actually that strong! Wow.

    Have a fantastic flight Monica 😀

  2. says

    I don’t know, but wasn’t it a little strange to eat ostriche at an ostriche farm? It’s like eating fish at an aquarium. 😉

    Glad you and Ben had a good time, and welcome home!

    P.S. You’re totally hardcore if you do a long run today!

  3. says

    Such a great recap of your trip. I love the Ostrich pics. I don’t think I’ve ever met an Ostrich but now I know not to get too close.

    Eww, those bugs would have seriously ticked me off if they ruined my dessert. Gross!

    Glad you had a great time. Safe travels home! :)

  4. says

    Wow your vacation looked like it ended in a lot of fun. I am also a huge fan of the fried plantains. I just had them for the first time earlier this year in maryland. For a class I had to try foods that I never tried before and write a paper. I chose a place in MD that served Caribbean food. I had goat curry, fried plantains, and ox tail.

  5. says

    those caves (and the rest of your vacay!) look like so much fun. and i love the dress youre wearing in the last picture. way cute! where’d you get it?!

  6. says

    aww this looks like so much fun. i love fried plantains too. Except they make my mouth itchy for some reason. They are so good I still eat them when I get a chance. Have a great rest of your vacation!!

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