Egg Salad Sandwich


I have been craving hard boiled eggs and last night I boiled a few for lunches for the week. Today I made the classic - Egg Salad Sandwich. The filling: One egg and one egg white mixed with mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and chopped onion. You can’t go wrong with  an old favorite like this… This sucker was messy though! Most of the filling fell out. I don’t think sandwich … [Read more...]

Monday Mini-Goals 9/13


Hello and Happy Monday! Even though I was on vacation all last week I am not ready to get back to the real world yet. Oh well, here we go! In order to help me bounce back from vacation I’m setting Monday Mini-Goals again. I love the idea of weekly goal setting. One step at a time, right? Goals for the week of 9/13/10: 1. Get 8 hours of sleep every night. 2. Do Jillian’s 30 … [Read more...]



I’ve had my share of cooking failures. I am a “learn by doing” kinda person, so trial and error is inevitable. Today there was more error than I’d like. I’ve made tragic pancakes and cookies and pasta dishes. But, I normally don’t burn things beyond recognition. Until tonight that is,  when I tried to make tostada shells. I placed yellow corn tortillas on a baking … [Read more...]