I’ve had my share of cooking failures. I am a “learn by doing” kinda person, so trial and error is inevitable. Today there was more error than I’d like.

I’ve made tragic pancakes and cookies and pasta dishes. But, I normally don’t burn things beyond recognition. Until tonight that is,  when I tried to make tostada shells. IMG_1025

I placed yellow corn tortillas on a baking sheet and put them in a 400 degree oven.

Then, I got distracted and ruined the base of my din-din.

Fail. Major Fail. IMG_1026To put it in context:  This is a non-burned tortilla chip on top of a very burned corn tortilla. IMG_1027

The good news is I had an excuse to eat cereal and the BEST SNACK EVER for dinner instead.

Oh, if you’re not aware – the BEST SNACK EVER is toast slathered with PB (or AB) and topped with chocolate chips.IMG_1030

Place in the microwave for a few seconds to let the chocolate chips get melty and then prepare to embarrass yourself. IMG_1031 The embarrassment will come from…

1.) The PB and melted chocolate stuck in your teeth. And on your hands. And on your forehead when you brush the hair out of your eyes…

2.) The inappropriate groans of pleasure at the taste of this snack. I don’t think I can look my neighbors in the eye anymore.


3.) The realization that you now love a snack more than your own mother. Sorry Mom.

One more thing – be sure to prepare this snack on a paper plate because you won’t want to waste time washing dishes. You’ll be back for more as soon as you’re done with this one.IMG_1028

Before I experienced ecstasy via a the BEST SNACK EVER I had a salad for lunch. It’s kinda anti-climactic in comparison. IMG_1016

With a pita because sometimes impulse purchases work out.IMG_1018

And I got compression socks! I didn’t run today, so I can’t really give a review. I was just trying them on because they didn’t have my size and I had to go one down. I’ll blog about them when I actually use them :) IMG_1022

Question: What’s your “BEST SNACK EVER”?


  1. says

    I have many “best” snacks ever:

    Food that Taste Good jalapeno chips & salsa
    Greek yogurt, fiber one and fresh strawberries
    Fresh strawberries and sugar free dark chocolate pudding
    Cinnamon Walnut Raisin bread with almond butter and pear jam
    A small wrap with spicy red pepper hummus and cut up egg
    A PB vitatop with peanut butter on top

  2. says

    Nutella and peanut butter with pretzels.

    My daughter likes something similiar to your snack, but with a graham cracker instead. We just nuke the chocolate chips for a quick second to get them sort of melty.

    It’s messy, but she loves it.

  3. says

    how can i not try your snack when you’ve capitalized it :) right now my favorite snack is boring but yummy: freshly picked apples with pb. and i love the pink socks — hawt!

  4. says

    Yum I love your snack! Melted chocolate chips with PB or AB… mmm..

    My favorite snack is a frozen banana… and a jar of PB or AB. I have a knife in one hand and banana in the other.. just constantly slabbing butter on each bite of frozen banana. Pretty epic. lol

  5. says

    I’m more of a mini-meal girl that an actual snack person. But I love cold and creamy things. So I’d have to say frozen fruit made into soft-serve and then mixed with Greek yogurt. mmmmmm

  6. L says

    Monica, you look great in those socks, as a blond, on vacation, running a million miles – all the things I have been meaning to save over the past 20 or so posts!! Keep on rockin’ – thought of you as a cut a watermelon the other day – almost glad they are out of season soon.

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