Fitness Idol


It’s hard not to look at magazines and famous people and avoid comparing yourself. But it doesn’t have to be a completely horrible thing when you find healthy body role models. I have “fitness idols” that I aspire to be more like. For example, I love Venus and Serena Williams. These are two ladies I adore because of their bodies and athletic accomplishments. I love their … [Read more...]

Running Bucket List and MMM – Taco Salad


It’s that time again – Mexican Meatless Monday! I almost skipped “MMM” today since I wasn’t feeling it. But, since I had beans that needed to be eaten anyways, I threw together a taco salad. Nothing new, but it gets the job done. *Don’t you like how Mexican Meatless Monday = MMM = Mmmmmmm Taco salad fixings: romaine, salsa, veggie ground meat, beans, Tapatio and chopped … [Read more...]