Chickpeas and Eggs Salad Style

Chickpea salad

I've mixed cooked chickpeas and eggs together before with this delicious recipe - Chickpeas and Eggs (I know, you're impressed with the originality of the name.) And today I combined the two again, but this time it was on a salad. In the mix: spinach, onion, tomato, chickpeas, one hardboiled egg with S&P topped with hummustard dressing. I love these ingredients … [Read more...]

My New Orange Shirt


I happened to stumble upon a Nike running shirt on the Clearance rack at RoadRunner this weekend. It’s hard for me to find shirts that I think are long enough and this one is the longest I’ve seen so far. And it’s Orange! I love it :) I normally shy away from shirts that show my sweat loud and proud, but I’ll make an exception for my new orange friend. (I think I miss my … [Read more...]

If Money Was No Object


A couple of weeks ago I got a juice drink from the Whole Foods juice bar and I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since. As soon as I drank it I loved the taste and loved how it made me feel! I immediately knew that I had a problem because these suckers are pricey, but Can you really put a price on Health and Happiness? Yeah, you kinda can :( Because if you don’t you’ll … [Read more...]