Fuel Up Friday


A couple of weeks ago I bonked hard on my long run. My legs felt dead, my stomach was upset, I felt dizzy and nauseous. It was rough. I had never hit the wall that bad before that. After that run I contacted two RDs  that I know and LOVE - Jenna from Eat Right Around Chicago and Evelyn Tribole, author of Intuitive Eating. One key thing that Jenna suggested, which I … [Read more...]

The Smell of Death


Contrary to what Bravo would have you believe, the OC doesn’t always smell of money, ocean breezes and botox… Okay, maybe it does a little but that’s not all of it…   Because I always seem to run by a new dead animal on my runs around my Orange County neighborhood. As soon as one dead possum/squirrel/bird/wayward runner is decomposed and has stopped smelling, another … [Read more...]

Foodbuzz’s Project Foodblog – Meet Monica


This is my entry for Foodbuzz’s Project Foodblog contest… Meet Monica…  From a very young age Monica has liked food. Sometimes she likes it a little too much… But that’s okay because this blog is meant to be free from judgment. Which is great because there are a lot of times when Monica does things to embarrass herself as a food blogger. Um, burnt tortillas are a … [Read more...]