Foodbuzz’s Project Foodblog – Meet Monica

This is my entry for Foodbuzz’s Project Foodblog contest…

Meet Monica…  DSCN1340

From a very young age Monica has liked food.PATH TO OBESITY

Sometimes she likes it a little too much…

IMG_9926 But that’s okay because this blog is meant to be free from judgment.

Which is great because there are a lot of times when Monica does things to embarrass herself as a food blogger.

Um, burnt tortillas are a prime example. Fail.IMG_1025 Hey, we live and we learn. On a blog. For all the world to see.

But, sometimes Monica proves herself to be a good cook!

French Toast for Breakfast IMG_5527

A Meatless “Turkey” Sandwich  for Lunch that could fool the meatiest of eaters.Fake Roast Turkey

or Teriyaki Salmon for Dinner – she eats, she cooks, she eats some more 😉salmon dinner

Sometimes she even impresses us with her scrappiness. She may not have the best cooking tools or fanciest ingredients, but she finds ways to work with what she’s got.

Even a plastic baggie…IMG_9875Can help create a special birthday cake message. IMG_9874

She has even found a way to combine her passion for healthy food and her Mexican heritage with “Mexican Meatless Monday”.RED-FOLKLORICO

Any one up for some Chorizo Fried Rice chorizo fried rice 

with a side of  “Ole!”?FOLK-WHITE-DRESS-ICO

And just like Mexican Meatless Monday

sometimes Monica is SPICY!IMG_5792  IMG_5802

… sometimes she talks in a language you don’t understand.

“Yo quiero Pan Dulce!’IMG_0066

And sometimes she’s better with a margarita.

IMG_5687 But, who isn’t?

In the end, she’s just a girl keeping it real on a little blog called Run, Eat, Repeat  IMG_7017

Hope you Enjoy!


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