The Smell of Death

Contrary to what Bravo would have you believe, the OC doesn’t always smell of money, ocean breezes and botox…the_real_housewives_of_orange_county

Okay, maybe it does a little but that’s not all of it…


Because I always seem to run by a new dead animal on my runs around my Orange County neighborhood. As soon as one dead possum/squirrel/bird/wayward runner is decomposed and has stopped smelling, another one pops up with a fresh dead smell.

I know this post is super gross, but I’m the one that has to run by it! And it’s not like I can hold my breath while running. I’m breathing it in hard.

I am convinced there is some hairy predator living in the bushes around my house. And I had the pleasure of smelling their latest kill on my walk this afternoon. I can’t wait to relive that tomorrow morning on my 5K Friday.

Someone needs to find a new route.

Before my daily encounter with the death smell I ate lunch…IMG_1104

and packed a snack for work. IMG_1108

I was just about to dig into my yogurt/cereal combination when I thought to look at the expiration date. IMG_1095

Talk about the smell of death. I would have been next.

I ate the trail mix with a side of jicima instead of the ancient yogurt.IMG_1109

Dinner tonight was based on a crazy craving for green bean fries. I wasn’t sure what I was craving more – ketchup or the green beans. I think I ate equal amounts of both.IMG_1117

I made an egg scramble topped with the best sharp cheddar and served it with a whole wheat tortilla on the side. IMG_1115

Major Confession: I’ve been eating Annie’s cookies for dessert the last few nights.IMG_1120

As cereal. IMG_1118Busted.

But, if I become the next victim of that predator of the streets of Orange County, I will die knowing my last meal was a big bowl of cookies in milk.

Question: Orange County, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, D.C. – What city has your favorite housewives?


  1. Jesse says

    Atlanta, and D.C: There is somehting a bit less pretentious about these ladies than the other shows. But the ladies from Atlanta are the most entertaining…sassy and smart yet uber dramatic…can’t wait to see Nene and Kim and Sheree and Candy back out there in action again soon! :)

  2. says

    My favorite is NY although I like OC too and NJ is just a train wreck…you can’t look away!

    I had the same problem with road kill when I have been visiting my parents and ran on my old street. It’s about 4 miles and stretches through the NC countryside. Road kill is common, but that doesn’t mean I’m used it it. I try to only breath through my mouth and cross to the other side of the road if possible. Not pleasant.

  3. says

    I like all of them… but I’ve never really gotten into watching the Atlanta wives. Maybe this season :) I know what you mean about dead animal smells. Right now our entire town smells like a spawned out rotting pink salmon. Every river, creek, and stream is littered with rotting fish…Stinky!

  4. says

    So we stopped paying for cable right after NYC came out (but I have seen all of the seasons thanks to Hulu, internet, etc) – my favorite still remains OC – they are crazy while still keeping it classy. If that’s even possible 😛

  5. says

    I have never watched the housewife shows. My guilty pleasures are the Jersey Shore and the City now that the Hills is no more.

    I can’t believe how old that yogurt is! I can never keep it around for long :)

  6. says

    I’m glad you caught that expiration date. Yikes!
    I don’t really watch the Real Housewives shows. I’ve caught a few episodes here and there, but haven’t really gotten too involved. There is something about those shows that makes me really uncomfortable when I watch. Which is odd because I watch tons of other reality tv shows.

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