Boys Do Make Passes…

I used to think, “Boys don’t make passes to girls with fat asses.”

Until I realized that they do. A lot. Especially if you’re wearing something tight over said ass.

This morning I was about 2 miles into my run, crossing a small street in front of a car when the male driver gestured to me. I thought he needed directions, which happens often enough that I didn’t think anything of it, so I stopped.

Nope. Turns out he wanted to ask me about how much I run and if I do any lower body work. I thought it was weird, but figured he was probably a personal trainer trying to get business.

Nope again. I realized he wasn’t a trainer when asked me to turn around (read: I want to check out your ass.) He must have had me mistaken with someone who thinks that’s okay and I ran off.

But before I ran away he did tell me that people work very hard for a body like mine :)

Now I want one of those shirts that says (on the back),

“Does this shirt make my ass look fast?”

Maybe when I get a little faster…IMG_1180

This morning I got ready for my run with a bagel topped with almond butter and iced coffee. IMG_1168

Lame Joke of the Day:

Q: What do you call  seagulls that fly over the bay?

A: Bagels!

I also attempted to waterproof sweat proof my head phones with tape. Let’s hope this works since my sweaty 20 miler  a few weeks ago killed my last pair :(IMG_1170

The weather was great for a long run – very cool, dewy and overcast. The sun didn’t come out until I was almost done and by then it was 9:30am!

While the weather was on my side, the route wasn’t. I have really wanted to get back to the old route I used to run for long Saturday runs near Ben’s old place. The bike path takes you to the ocean and there are no lights or stops.

But, getting there wouldn’t have been enough distance so I figured out that I needed to do 12 miles before getting on that path to complete 20 miles this morning.

My calculations were a little off and I only ended up doing 19. But, I was fine with that because I forgot how much this route goes up and down as it goes under the cross streets. My quads were dead and I was glad to stop.

My time was a lot slower than my 20 miler pace too – 19.15 miles in 2:55:08IMG_1178

I had pre-arranged that Ben pick me up at the end 3 hours from when I left. IMG_1173

And he brought Gatorade! I also drank one of these while running, plus sports beans.IMG_1179My average pace was 9:09, but I really need to learn how to pace myself.

My splits:

Mile 1:  8:31

Mile 2: 8:32

Mile 3: 8:30

Mile 4: 8:41

Mile 5: 8:41

Mile 6: 8:43

Mile 7: 8:48

Mile 8: 8:59

Mile 9: 9:01

Mile 10: 9:10

Mile 11: 9:20

Mile 12: 9:16

Mile 13: 9:22

Mile 14: 9:19

Mile 15: 9:26

Mile 16: 9:36

Mile 17: 9:57

Mile 18: 9:27

Mile 19: 10:22

Mile 0.15: 9:44

When I got home I took a quick ice bath, showered and made a smoothie. In the mix: ice, spinach, protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk, anticipation that this smoothie is a winner.IMG_1184

Topped with granola and cereal :) IMG_1182

But, my stomach said that was definitely not enough food so I pimped out a frozen fettuccine meal with broccoli and beans. IMG_1189 Served with the rest of that honeydew that mysteriously disappeared quicker than is  appropriate. IMG_1191

Much better.

Have a great day!

Question: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you on a run or at the gym?

In addition to the story above, I’ve also fallen pretty hard in front of people. Twice. Classy.


  1. says

    great job on the run! crazy story though. most boys will holler at girls running but that dude was a little creepy! and i’d soooooo buy one of those shirts hahah

  2. Ella says

    almost 20 miles?!?! good for you, thats so impressive! i was proud of my three miles this morning. and thats funny about your encounter!

  3. says

    Damn girl get ittt 😉

    I think it can be annoying when guys do that – well, not so much annoying, but INTIMIDATING/scary to me (I’m a female, don’t let the name trick ya!) especially when i’m alone.

    but yes, men do like asses.

  4. says

    Sound slike it was a really great run — congrats!

    I get stared at/honked at /leered at/jeered at/gestured at/ screamed at by men when running all the time. Men in NYC have no manners. I am so tired of it. Why no, it is not original of you to stare at my ass for two blocks while making comments like, “damn girl, keep running, that ass is fine.”

    I wish my ass was smaller for these exact purposes.

  5. says

    Girl, you totally rock those pants. Owww!

    I’m a hot mess when I work out so that doesn’t usually happen to me. I only fall directly in front of IHOP so that the people in the front windows run out to see if I’m ok. Not very smooth.

  6. says

    I’ve had guys make a pass at me a couple of times, but rarely. BUT, a friend of mine was running down the street once, when a guy rubbernecked at her so much, he ran into a telephone pole. Crazy right?

  7. Jen says

    Congratulations on your long-run!

    And to answer your question–I had a strange encounter with someone just this past Thursday, actually. It was around 6am when I passed by a McDonald’s (new running route for me), and some guys were standing outside and sipping coffee. They shouted “Hey, girl, come get something to eat,” but I ignored them and kept going (so they kept shouting till I was out of sight, like typical creepers >__> ). In fact, I was so bothered by their shouting that I sped up and stayed at that increased pace for well over a mile afterward. I guess it worked out? Heh.

    I’m pretty paranoid about strangers accosting me in the morning when it’s still semi-dark, and I hate McDonald’s anyway. The smell from that place is so thick and oily that it makes me nauseous, so there’s no way I would have stopped.

  8. Kianni says

    Hmm, the wierdest run…idk, there’s been a few. Most of the time People think I’m 12 to 16 years old, sometimes I get guys honking at me or yelling from their cars. The wierdest thing yelled at me was from a middle schooler, as I ran by he said “Run little girl!” (I’m 18, he was at least a 7th grader) I pass the same crossing guard every day who yells “Go champion go champion, go!” almost evertime I run by ^_^ or some old people that give me a thumbs up. I think the wierder things occur when I’m walking around and random people stop me on the street saying they see me everyday running somewhere XD

  9. says

    “I used to think, “Boys don’t make passes to girls with fat asses.”” –>hahahahahaha!

    although to up the creep factor: the other night when I was out jogging, this guy stopped me to ask if I was training for a marathon or anything (HA!) and THEN proceeded to check me out and ask me where I lived. WTF. I said “oh you know….around Jacksonville” as I ran off, calling my husband to tell him the name of the guy and what he looked like and where exactly I was in case I was abducted LOL.

    I really, really hope no woman is naive/ caught off guard enough to actually tell the name of her apartment complex/ subdivision to a creeper like that. :(

  10. says

    First of all, way to kick ass on a 19 miler today. It took all the power I had in my body to get out and do 8 miles at the end of the day. Way to kill it! The weirdest thing that has ever happened to me was late on night on the treadmill at the gym. I looked like the definition of a HOT MESS and a young boy, Im guessing 17 at most, on the machine next to me, decides to tell me “you know, you may not have much of an ass, but you’re pretty sexy when you sweat”. Really? Really? Is that what young boys these days the ladies wanna hear? Ugh.

  11. says

    Though I do have a big ass, I don’t look as good as you, so I don’t get stopped too often. I did have a funny encounter a few months back, when I passed some guy with his two kids. He asked me where there was a place close by to buy cigarettes, and then said to me, “I would love the opportunity to work out with you.” Um…sure.

  12. Marissa says

    Once I was running around my neighborhood and these two guys in a black car followed me for like 2 miles, and I didnt want to go home because I didnt want them to know where I lived. So I went into a pizza place and they finally left me alone. :O

  13. Alyssa says

    I went on a long run in my hometown last month and stopped at the restaurant where I used to work as a waitress for water/bathroom and saw a couple that I used to wait on every Sunday. When I went over to talk to them the woman asked if I had been running (I thought that was obvious, I was dripping sweat and wearing running clothes/shoes) and then when she saw me drink from my camelbak asked if I had oxygen in it?? I said it was filled with water and I just stick to regular air during my runs.

  14. says

    That is just too funny/creepy. I would have been so paranoid for the rest of the run, but I also thinking, damn I must look good :) so very motivating too! But, alas, that hasn’t happened to me!
    Great job on the run!

  15. says

    Oh, I get the honking and whistling and badonkadonk comments ALL THE TIME, and it is nothing but obnoxious. They get dirty looks and silent treatment. I can’t understand why men think that is okay. Sometimes I wish I could karate chop them. But, I am usually too busy focusing on my run and too tired to put in the extra effort to roundhouse them in the face.

  16. Virginia @ YtotheUmmy says

    LMAO! that story is just tooo funny! Us latin women, we’re just some tempting mamis, we can’t help it if people wanna holla…;) but seriously, that is pretty gross. I hate it when guys get that slimy…. it makes me wonder what kind of response they’re either expecting, “wow, that’s really nice, you made my day, wanna boink?” ’cause that’s not happening. A “bye, have a nice life dirtbag,” though? Uhm, definitely.

  17. says

    Oh I totally relate to this post, it’s scary how many weird people you can encounter when out for a run!

    I look about 16 (i’m actually 20) and when i go running i normally wear this big bow headband ( i know, i know) simply because it’s the only thing i have to keep my hair back! that, plus my massive pink and white headphones do get some attention, but i mostly get people (men,usually) doing the running action at me?! like in slow motion? it’s as if they’re taking the mickey but it’s really not that funny…it’s not like i run like phoebe from friends or anything, haha!

    But seriously, leery men are one of the things i dislike about running outside…i just want to blend in! men have it so good haha!

  18. says

    LOL! This is hilarious but also creepy. I would have ran off too.

    I have fallen off a treadmill several times. Awkward.

    I also had a man in a gorilla suit chase me when I was doing a bootcamp type class. Turns out he was a trainer but I was super freaked out at the time.

  19. says

    Great job on the run!!

    I have had many strange experiences on a run and at the gym. On a run one time, a big giant buck ran out right in front of me scarying me. At the gym the strangest thing I can think of just the creepers

  20. says

    I remember in college an old guy friend came to say hi to me while I was running on a treadmill. Instead of turning the speed down I accidentally was turning it up! It looked like I was trying to sprint while talk to him and show off haha

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