Runny Eggs

I like my eggs like I like my exercise – Runny icon wink Runny Eggs

What? They can’t all be winners folks.

I am still craving eggs and tonight I wanted runny eggs with toast for dinner. I don’t make the best looking eggs, but I think I make some pretty good tasting ones. 

With a side of my other recent obsession – green beans eaten as fries. Eaten with more ketchup than I’d like to admit. IMG 1157 thumb Runny Eggs

First they’re regular…IMG 1155 thumb Runny Eggs

Then they’re runny!IMG 1161 thumb Runny Eggs

I chomped on this bar randomly throughout the day. I hate the name, but had to try it after I saw it on several blogs. I wasn’t a fan. But that didn’t stop me from eating it. Wouldn’t get it again though. IMG 1163 thumb Runny Eggs

And dessert – Annie’s Bunny Cookies Cereal. They should just sell this stuff in the cereal aisle because I know I’m not the only one eating it like this.

IMG 1164 thumb Runny Eggs

Ben sent me this picture he found on reddit, I’m not sure who to credit, but I love it – a corn muffin stuffed with broccoli! cornbreadbroccoli thumb Runny Eggs

I feel snacky, but know I’m not hungry. I’m hoping some hot cocoa or seltzer keeps me busy until bed time.

Good Night!


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    hahah i seriously LOVE your corny jokes!!! they put me right at home- bc my dad is the king of corny-ness. your kids will appreciate it one day! (your future kids i mean!!) and i love runny eggs, seriously my fav. i dont like them scrambled nearly as much. brilliant to put those cookie bite things as cereal. have a great weekend!

  2. says

    I love the idea of cookies eaten like cereal. Like Cookie Crisp, but better.
    I’m in the minority here, but I do not like runny eggs. My grandma used to make me runny eggs and I would pass them off to my sister because I was timid and didn’t want to tell her I didn’t like them.

  3. says

    I used to hate runny eggs until recently. My mom use to make us “dippy eggs” when we were little and I would eat them almost every day. I think I got burned out from them but now I love them again.

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    Hey there!! Just wanted to stop by and say I love your blog and your story! Very inspriring! I live in Socal too, and for me trying to remain healthy here is very hard. The pressure to be “hollywood” can sometimes be crushing, but I admire the path that you are taking! :)
    Keep the faith

  5. says

    Green beans with ketchup? That sounds delicious…. (ketchup is good with everythinng!)

    I am definitely going to try the cookies as a cereal. They look delicious.

  6. says

    The eggs look yummy to me!

    My Grandma called them “dip dip eggs” and I was always excited to spend the night at her house because I knew I’d get an awesome breakfast in the morning. And ice cream after dinner. :)

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