Hit The Mother-load

I hit the Mother’s Load! IMG_1248

For various reasons I’ve had a very stressful week. Today after school I picked up Ben from work (carpooling). It was almost 7pm at that point. I had no desire to cook dinner (even though I had tofu squeezing all day). And Ben said he was starving.

I talked him out of a burger joint drive though pretty easily, but talking him into my reunited favorite vegetarian place was hard.

Luckily, he was starving and in no condition to argue.

As soon as we got there he ordered a milk shake.


He ordered the Amaretto Mudslide and it was delicious!IMG_1245

Since I felt guilty about cheating on my “no eating out in Sept.” challenge I decided to get the special. Truth be told I was eyeing the Lentil nut Load anyways :)IMG_1242

I started with a garden salad with tahini dressing. IMG_1250

and a piece of Mother’s bread. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but this slice was over an inch and a half thick. That jam was amazing and I licked the container clean.


My Lentil Nut Loaf was stuffed with lentils (obviously), veggies and nuts. Nuts added a fun crunch to the chewy loaf.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the potatoes, but Ben thought they were good.IMG_1254

It was was topped with a vegan gravy too.IMG_1255

I looked around the store for dessert, but nothing jumped out at me. I opted for a Vitatop topped with chocolate AB and hot cocoa. I wasn’t hungry at all so this completely put me past a comfortable tummy. IMG_1257

Oh, I almost forgot lunch. I ate at home and made a simple sandwich. I was in a rush and ate fast while getting ready to leave.  IMG_1347

and had some grapes while studying. IMG_1346 I also managed to find an old bar in the depths of my backpack as a snack, no pic. I’m sure you’re all bummed about missing photographic evidence of a smashed year old protein bar. It tasted as good as it looked.

And my dinner sparked a new goal for me… I want to try everything on the Mother’s Kitchen  menu. I seriously already know what I’m getting next time! IMG_1247

Question: Do you always order the same thing at restaurants or try something new each time?


  1. says

    I always say I am going to order something new at restaurants, but I tend to gravitate towards my favorites. It’s hard to get something different when you know your usual meal(s) are just so good!

    That almond milkshake looks awesome! I love almond drinks :)

  2. Lived in Wien! says

    What do you mean by you had tofu squeezing all day? I’m not a veg, so not sure what that means. I like to try new things at restaurants, but I am ALWAYS disappointed. So, I tend to stick with my faves.

    • says

      Tofu is usually pretty full of water when you cook it. It’s not a big deal, but usually cooks and tastes better if you squeeze it out. I had my tofu squeezing between paper towels all day to get out the excess liquid.

  3. says

    I have trouble ordering different things when I find a favorite. The Mexican restaurant near me makes AMAZING arroz con pollo. Then I branched out and got their veggie fajita which is also AMAZING. Now I won’t try anything else. But I guess the lesson I should learn is that if one dish is amazing maybe the rest are too? 😉

  4. says

    I usually order the same thing, as long as it was good! Ex: Crazy Bowls & Wraps KNOWS my order –>tofu veggie bowl, jalepeno cilantro sauce, brown rice, extra veggies. I think I’ll get it tonight:)

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