What TV Show Would You Be On?


Boo. I just realized I missed the season premier of The Amazing Race last night :( Amazing Race is the television show I want to be on most! I think it would be hysterical to see Ben and I running around the world, cameras capturing our every fight and inappropriate conversation :/ Lunch was not nearly as excited as racing around the world, but it's a Monday full of work and … [Read more...]

Last Monday Mini Goals of September


Hello :) Today is the last Monday of September! This means it's the last chance to make some weekly goals for Sept. 2010! What are yours? My Monday Mini-Goals: 1. Do 8 minute Abs  & spend 10 minutes stretching everyday 2. Brush teeth right after dinner 3. Get Organized with writing, home stuff and school This morning I did a slow and steady 6 miles. Once again my legs … [Read more...]

Healthy – Not So Healthy


Sorry kids, this is the most random post. Ever. And ever is a long time, so you should be impressed. Today’s eats were random because I didn’t feel like cooking after my Thai classic adventure, but I was HUNGRY all day! Since I was uninspired to cook, but very munchy the day ended up being a mix of eats. It starts off healthy and kind of goes down hill as the day … [Read more...]