To Go Tuesday!


I have an early class on Tuesdays and Thursday. Don’t really know what I was thinking when I made my schedule, but that’s besides the point now. Most of the time I take my breakfast to go on Tuesdays. I always intend to eat it at home, hence the lovely bowl and presentation… It’s filled with vanilla Greek yogurt, cereals (I always use at least 3), chia seeds and PB.  … [Read more...]

Chickpeas Are Back!


Around a year ago Rose and I founded the Chickpea Lover’s Club. We were both living in Maryland at the time and shared a love of blogging, kitties and of course, chickpeas :) Back then I used to get massive cans of chickpeas from Costco. But, since moving back to California I cannot find cans big enough to satisfy my chickpea appetite. I kinda haven’t been bothering with … [Read more...]