Three Healthy Things Thursday

monica 2

Hello and welcome to a new day :) After thinking about my last few days I realize I was taking IE for granted and I need to make an effort to get back on the healthy train.  Not everyone has to make such a big effort, but not everyone has to get 8 hours of sleep to avoid binging. Everyone is different. Here are three healthy things I did for myself today... 1.) Got up and did … [Read more...]

Rearranging Things and a Rant


Hello peeps :) Hope you all had a good day! It’s Wednesday night, which means the weekend is peeking around the corner. Hang in there! (That speech was more for me than for you.) I don’t think my frozen meal, salad and apple lunch was enough food because I was hungry an hour later. I managed to postpone my snack until 3pm (between class and lab),  but left class super hungry … [Read more...]