Keep Your Friends Close and Your Condiments Closer


I am addicted to condiments. I love them. I’ve always been a huge ketchup fan, but over the last few years I’ve been cheating on ketchup with new beaus.  Anytime I have a meal that requires ketchup (which is basically anything outside of yogurt) I add tons of condiments as I’m eating too. It was super apparent today because I ate on the TV tray and all four of these … [Read more...]

Last Chance Resolutions


Hello! It’s October 1st! Wow, where did this year go? This means there are only 3 months left in 2010. Three months to finish up any resolutions you made in January or a chance to add in a few new goals before 2011. I already have my 2011 Resolutions planned and they’re pretty challenging. So, I’ve decided to try and knock off some of my smaller goals in the last three … [Read more...]

Stay Golden


Apparently, I’m the next Betty White because I had dinner at 5pm today. Actually, it was a little closer to 4:30, but that’s just details. It’s official, I now eat dinner (if you can call it that) before Oprah is over. (source) In reality I think I’m more “Blanche” than anyone else though… If you have to ask why, you don’t know me, or The Golden Girls at all. I’m not … [Read more...]