Keep Your Friends Close and Your Condiments Closer

I am addicted to condiments. I love them. I’ve always been a huge ketchup fan, but over the last few years I’ve been cheating on ketchup with new beaus. 

Anytime I have a meal that requires ketchup (which is basically anything outside of yogurt) I add tons of condiments as I’m eating too.

It was super apparent today because I ate on the TV tray and all four of these toppings barely fit with my plate and drink, but I refused to leave them in the kitchen. IMG 1796 thumb Keep Your Friends Close and Your Condiments Closer

Since I had a later breakfast I grabbed a pear to eat while running a few errands.IMG 1784 thumb Keep Your Friends Close and Your Condiments Closer

And then came home to a magnificent egg scramble. I sautéed onions, garlic, mushrooms, spinach and salsa and then added eggs and a Laughing Cow wedge.IMG 1792 thumb Keep Your Friends Close and Your Condiments Closer *While I was cooking I had a handful of tortilla chips because I was hungry. It occurred to me that I’ve never binged on salty foods – only sweet or high in fat (nut butters). Can anyone else relate?

I ate it with tons of condiments (obviously), a tortilla and a piece of MIP toast (MIP = Missing In Picture). IMG 1790 thumb Keep Your Friends Close and Your Condiments Closer

I picked up this new (to me) peanut butter at Target – Vanilla Cranberry. I am hoping Ben likes it because he’s not the biggest PB fan, but he loves cranberries. IMG 1795 thumb Keep Your Friends Close and Your Condiments Closer

I ate some straight of the jar before deciding to be all proper and what not and put it on some bread. This stuff is delicious. IMG 1794 thumb Keep Your Friends Close and Your Condiments Closer

Question: What’s your favorite condiment?

I never thought I would say this but, I can’t decide between Tapatio and ketchup.


  1. Lisa says

    I can very much relate to the bingeing on sweets and pb but not salty foods. I can mindlessly nosh on pretzels or tortilla chips but wouldn’t go out of my way to get them and if they aren’t there, I don’t miss them but I would miss cookies and have driven late at night for some mediocre ice cream!

    As for condiments, ketchup. Heinz. Only thing.

  2. says

    I love hot sauce!!! Delicious when hotter the better. I will say I tend to binge also on high fat , carbs, and sweet types of foods. I very rarely like you ever binge on salty food…maybe chips..but don’t crave them

  3. says

    Are you sure I didn’t write this post?? I freakin love condiments. Ketchup & BBQ sauce are some of the top. That PB is beyond amaze. And agreed – have never binged on salty foods. I’ve easily eaten TOO MANY tortilla chips or something, but no out of control binge like with ice cream.

      • says

        I don’t think it’s weird that you binge on only sweet foods. I think many people do a sweet or a salty binge. It’s pretty common.

        Think about our first food as a baby…. milk….. sweet lactose…. it’s what comforted us from the beginning.

  4. says

    I am just like you, a total condiment junkie! You should see my fridge, there is more condiments in there than “real” food.
    I think I could live off of ketchup and mustard alone.

  5. says

    I will always choose Tapatio over ketchup. But then Mara mentioned Cholula. Oh, how I love thee. Cholula trumps Tapatio, which trumps Ketchup, every time.

  6. Ida says

    Mustard is my favorite! I also love salad dressings- I have a hard time only buying one bottle at a time, there are so many i want to try.

  7. says

    Yes. I almost always binge on desserts and peanut butter. I crave chips/crackers and cheese when I am really tired AND stressed at the same time, but usually I can just go to bed instead. It’s the fatty sugar that gets me EVERY time.

  8. says

    I have never binged on salty stuff either. It’s always ice cream or something super sweet.

    My absolute favorite condiment is mustard. I love it! I started eating it so much that I can’t appreciate ketchup anymore because it tastes way too sweet. And it is usually added to something savory and I HATE sweet and savory things together.

    Then again, I have also been a huge fan of various “fry sauces.” Yum

  9. griselda says

    I have to say I am truly addicted to the tapatio and ketchup combo too! Have you ever tried the asian hot sauce sriracha? It’s the bees knees! Ha ha…oh yea and let me tell you I cant keep my hands off sweet stuff when I binge. Salty foods don’t really call my attention.

  10. says

    It’s funny you mention it: I’ve had a LOT of trouble through the years binging on sweet things…which often just led to sweet AND fatty things. (O hai, *entire bags* of mini snickers.) Even since I’ve learned to be a bit more aware of these things, its hard for me to have candy around.

    However, while I’ve never been much of a salt person…I’ve always been bad with tortilla chips. Particularly since salsa tends to be my favorite condiment. (Not much of a ketchup fan these days, oddly enough.)

  11. Elliott says

    I am such a condiment addict too! Whenever I dine out, the waitress hates me by the time I leave because I am repeatedly asking for a side of ______!
    Last night, alongside my smoked pork chop I had Ketchup, Sweet BBQ sauce, tangy BBQ sauce, Hot sauce, A1, and Ranch….luckily it was all on the table in bottles!
    So yeah, I like about every condiment…but BBQ sauce or ketchup are KING!! I also always put black pepper in my ketchup. I’ve been doing it for years, and in high school I had my whole lunch table “converted” to pepper ketchup! HAHA

  12. says

    Stragely enough I am not a condiment person at all. But my house is so well stocked because my boyfriend is. He loves hot suace, ketchup and BBQ sauce.

  13. says

    I’ve never binged on salty or savory foods either! I could care less about chips, fries, etc. Just give me the cookies and no one gets hurt…

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