Half Way Point

This morning I got up bright and early to run 13.1 miles. My marathon is 15 days away and I’m in full taper mode. Thank God for taper because I don’t have the time or energy to keep up 20 milers anymore. I need a break :)

Pre-Run Fuel: Coffee and toast with cranberry peanut butter.IMG_1850

Then, I was off!IMG_1853

It’s crazy how I consider 13 miles a short “long” run now. I’ve also realized that I turn crazy about 2 1/2 hours into a run by myself. Today I was reminiscing about all the crazy thoughts I’ve had on long runs this training period:

“I wonder if so-and-so from elementary school reads my blog?”

“If I was an animal I’d be a tiger. Or a lion. A boy lion with a big mane. But, I look most like a golden retriever…”

“I should call my old friend…”

“I want to qualify for Boston, write my race recap and never blog again. Like, not even say I’m stopping either. Go out with a bang…”

My run today went okay. I did 13.1 at a 9:03 pace. I feel like I’ve slowed down, but I might just be burnt out. I’m also super stressed and it’s kinda a head game right now.

I grabbed a pear when I got back and took a short ice bath. IMG_1859

Post-Run Breakfast: Egg burrito…IMG_1862

Rolled up with a yogurt on the side :)

IMG_1865 Plus some cereal because I’m trying to bulk up breakfast to avoid crashes later. IMG_1868

Okay, now I’m off to study, cook dinner for my Project Food Blog entry and try to ignore the fact that I have a growing To Do list that will be ignored for today.

Have a great day!

Question: What crazy things have you thought on a long run or long walk?


  1. says

    Hahaha, I love the things we think about on long runs. There’s so much time, you could listen to Peace and War on audio tape. Today I was thinking if I got hit by a car running, which of my friends would be good friends and call an ambulence and who would just walk by like “who’s dat?”

  2. says

    ummmm i might have said this before but i think about all the things i’d say and do if i were a celebrity. and who i’d be hooking up with.

    but i’m not 100% shallow like that. i’ve worked out physics problems and experiments on my runs too and i often compose my blog posts on runs as well.

  3. says

    whoa, totally caught me off guard with the new layout! nice though!

    this morning I was on a long run (less than 7 on the trails) with my running buddy and as I realized we were on the side of a very steep cliff i thought:

    what would eat me if i fell off the cliff?
    would a snack still bite me?
    i wonder if there are ticks out here?
    where are all the cool mammals?
    do the train conductors that come through here ever feel like jumping out and running through the wild?

    ok, not so interesting but it was fun!

  4. says

    Yesterday my husband and I were running on a trail and all I could think about was “what if we encounter a dead body?” Because is seemed like an episode of Law & Order or something. You know, a couple running through a very quiet shaded trail area happens upon a dead body….. We must watch too man prodcedural dramas.

  5. ida says

    I tend to just sing to myself on long runs. I’m my own ipod! I’m doing a 1/2 tomorrow as my last long run before nike women’s marathon. I can’t wait to start my taper!

  6. says

    This may sound silly, but the one thing I thought about for like 15-20 minutes of my run was pineapple. Not even recipes with pineapple, just pineapple (it was the end of my long run and I was getting hungry). I was thinking of how great it would taste, what it looked like, how it was cut, where I would get it. bla, bla, bla. I have also choreographed music videos with the songs playing on my ipod – I’ll have you know even though I suck a dancing, I rock at choreography in my head.

    Ok enough weirdness. The end.

  7. says

    I compose blog posts in my mind on long runs. I fantasize about running a marathon. Fantasize about taking awesome vacations…I think about food a lot too. LOL

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