Baked Tofu Sandwich


Remember when I hit up the Asian market for the ingredients for my Thai Coconut Soup? Well, I also pick up something new for lunch - Baked Tofu. I've baked tofu myself before, but this is the first pre-baked kind I've tried. I recently discovered a love for baked tofu sandwiches so I thought I'd save some time by trying this stuff. It came in a big slab and I cut a piece to … [Read more...]

Ignoring Garmin


My Weekend Recap: My Last “long run” before the race Keeping it real at my dinner party – Voting is Open for Challenge 3! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I actually ignore my Garmin on runs. I glance at it when I hear the mile marker beep so I know when to turn around, but I don’t pay any attention to my pace! This is a bad thing for me because I am really … [Read more...]

Simple Sunday


I haven’t done a full day recap in a long time, but I was too busy to acknowledge life, the blog or my husband today. Just kidding, I told Ben Good Morning :) We started the day with a nice little Sunday walk and a leisurely breakfast. I made French Toast – not my Cinnamon French Toast Wheels, but regular old French Toast. It looks like pancakes, but it’s not :) I somehow … [Read more...]