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My Weekend Recap:

My Last “long run” before the race

Keeping it real at my dinner party – Voting is Open for Challenge 3!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I actually ignore my Garmin on runs. I glance at it when I hear the mile marker beep so I know when to turn around, but I don’t pay any attention to my pace!

This is a bad thing for me because I am really bad at pacing myself and often go out too fast and burn out long before my run is over. Also, I want to work on speed and pacing, so it’s something I plan on working on for my next race.IMG_1997

But today the Garmin could not be ignored. It has been telling me that the Lap Database is full for a while now. However, I’m in the habit of ignoring it anyways so I didn’t really do anything about it.

Well, I guess today it really reached it’s limit because at Mile 3 it started beeping and would not stop! I was at my turn around point so I stopped and tried to fix it, but the beeping continued. Finally, I figured out how to delete all but the last 3 months of history and it stopped.

I don’t think I archived my previous run history, so I’m kinda bummed :( Boo.bs

Another random thing you may or may not know about me – I like oat bran more than oatmeal. I always buy oatmeal thinking I’ll want to eat it. It sounds good in theory, but I’d rather have oat bran 80% of the time.IMG_2000

Breakfast – oat bran, almond milk, stevia, ripe banana, almond butter and cinnamon :)IMG_2008

With iced coffee because it’s Monday and I lied last night when I said I was going to sleep at the end of my post. IMG_2010

Voting for Project Food Blog Challenge 3 is open! I was really stressed that my entry would look dumb compared to all the fancy foodies I’m up against, but I’m glad I stayed true to myself and kept it real :) Hope you support me by voting here!


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    bummer about losing all the run data! i find it interesting and cool that you don’t look at your pace during a run. that’s why i haven’t bought one because i’m afraid i would look all. the. time. but you give me hope that it might now be the case :)

  2. says

    I’ve gotten better about not paying too much attention to my Garmin but its a hard balance to strike. When i first got it my eyes would be glued to it and it would stress me out. Now, I definitely look at it with each mile but try to ignore the pace and just focus on how I feel.

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    Yeah, Garmins apparently don’t like holding onto a lot of logs. :) Mine started to get glitchy, until Garmin Support had me download my entire set of logs off my device and onto my computer so I could clear the device memory. Worked like a charm!

    Lately I’ve only been using the Garmin as a no-brainer way to log my distance/time — I actually moved my average pace off of the main screen to the secondary screen so I wouldn’t constantly be checking it every time I wanted to see my time or distance elapsed. I should probably use the “virtual training partner” for my tempo runs like once a week…

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