Simple Sunday

I haven’t done a full day recap in a long time, but I was too busy to acknowledge life, the blog or my husband today.

Just kidding, I told Ben Good Morning :) IMG_1966

We started the day with a nice little Sunday walk and a leisurely breakfast. I made French Toast – not my Cinnamon French Toast Wheels, but regular old French Toast. It looks like pancakes, but it’s not :) IMG_1949

I somehow managed to concentrate all the chia seeds on one section of one piece of bread. It was crunchy and surprisingly pleasant. IMG_1950 Ahhhhh, I love having breakfast with Ben on Sundays :) It might be my favorite meal of the week <3 IMG_1955

Then, I attempted to be productive by writing my Project Food Blog Challenge 3 post, reading, homework and miscellaneous goings on.

After the library I came home to lunch – pizzas made on bodillos I got from the market yesterday. Love that they make whole wheat now!IMG_1971

And leftover salad from last night’s din-din. IMG_1972

I stole this mango from my mom’s. But, is it stealing if it’s from your mom’s fridge? The answer is No.

IMG_1975Apparently I ate chocolate too. If I didn’t take a picture I would have forgotten. IMG_1976

I ate half a balance bar in the afternoon and decided to incorporate it into dinner. I made a super sized yogurt bowl with Chobani, cereals, raisins, Attune granola, Vanilla PB and chopped up protein bar. IMG_1982

I picked up a pack of cookies at Trader Joes – Oatmeal Cranberry IMG_1991 Served with hot cocoa even though it’s 80 degrees here.

Do they make cold cocoa? Oh yeah, it’s called chocolate milk. IMG_1994

I love Halloween and have been brainstorming costumes for Ben and I. Last year we were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

My current suggestion is Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife. But, I don’t think I have enough socks to even come close to those boobs! (source)

In an attempt to start my week of on the right foot, I’m going to bed.

See ya in the morning :)


  1. says

    Aren’t Sunday breakfasts just perfect. Really, there is nothing better on this earth than having a wonderful Sunday breakfast with your hubby. :)

  2. Sara says

    Hah, I love your Fred-and-Wilma-costumes 😀
    And your lunch looks amaaazing – I’m a sucker for melted cheese!

    Can I ask you a random question that has nothing to do with the post? I was just wondering if there was a specific moment in which you told the people close to you (like your parents) that you were struggling with disordered eating? Or did they sort of guess on their own? I’m currently trying to battle the exact same thing you went through (B.E.D., not being able to just act ‘normal’ around food), and I’d like to tell someone close to me about this, but I always flake out because I get really embarrassed about it!

    • says

      Hey Sara,

      I never formally told my mom.I felt weird about it and didn’t know how to start the conversation.

      Eventually, what I did was get out my medical card, look up a therapist and start going to therapy. Then, one day I casually mentioned I was going to therapy to see someone about eating and food issues. It’s not like she could have reacted negatively considering I was already taking steps to work on it. And I felt more empowered after I admitted it to a stranger, so it was easier.

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