Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu

Today was supposed to be Mexican Meatless Monday, but I had meatless leftovers to eat so I went with that instead. It’s still Meatless Monday, just less Mexican icon smile Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu

On Friday night (before I realized that I should keep it real at my dinner party) I squeezed tofu. Then, Saturday morning I put it in the crockpot with curry sauce and peas. IMG 2017 thumb Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu

I had this whole delicious Indian meal dreamed up – Until I decided Plan P sounded a lot better icon smile Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu This just meant I got to enjoy curry tofu with brown rice for dinner today.

Win-win.  IMG 2013 thumb Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu

Squeezing tofu over night and then letting it slow cook in the crockpot is a genius idea. Do it do it.

Dessert – a handful of PB pretzels and pineapple rings leftover from my pineapple cake.IMG 2024 thumb Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu

I wish I had less pineapple rings and more actual pineapple cake left though…pineapplecake thumb Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu

If you’ve been around for a while you know I have an unhealthy obsession with watermelon.monicawithwatermelon thumb Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu 
I bet it’s because my mom did this to me when I was a baby…

video89b4288d401f Meatless Monday – Curry Tofu


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    I go gaga over watermelon too! If only my mom put me in a watermelon when I was a baby…my parents actually used to play a game with me where they would block me into a corner with cardboard boxes. Then I would try to stand up and gnaw at the cardboard. They should’ve used watermelon!

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    That video is hilarious! Thanks for sharing it. I love watermelon too but it’s not in season anymore in Oregon. It just doesn’t taste as sweet now.

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