Intuitive Eating Tool


This morning I woke up with grand plans to hit up a yoga class after school. But, I checked the schedule and there are NO Level 1 classes today. :( I haven’t been to real yoga in a year. (I went to yoga at the gym two or three times in MD.) And yoga is hard for me - which is why I’ve been avoiding it. But, my muscles are super tight and I know I feel better when I walk out of … [Read more...]

Post Breakfast Run


I did it. I ran after breakfast. It wasn’t that bad. But, it wasn’t that good either. So, I will not be changing my schedule around to accommodate later runs :) No Thanks. When I got home from my run I had a cookie… and decided all runs should end with a cookie. Or two. I decided to just eat lunch early so I could eat more cookies as “lessert”. I threw together random … [Read more...]