Post Breakfast Run

I did it. I ran after breakfast. It wasn’t that bad.

But, it wasn’t that good either. So, I will not be changing my schedule around to accommodate later runs :) No Thanks.

When I got home from my run I had a cookie…IMG_2072

and decided all runs should end with a cookie. Or two.

I decided to just eat lunch early so I could eat more cookies as “lessert”.

I threw together random things from my fridge: roasted brussels, rice (with Smart Balance and salt) and a veggie burger. I’ve been trying to get back to eating how and what I want and I’ve found that my tastes are pretty simple and I do often feel best with whole foods. IMG_2096

But, even though this meal hits all the bases and is what I like, it’s a little light to keep me full for three hours. (That is of course where the cookies come in.)  I don’t want to think about food every hour or two so, it’s a balance to make sure my meals are what I want to eat and they are calorie dense enough that I don’t have an excuse to snack all afternoon because I ate a light lunch.

If you are eating too light and always snacky I would encourage you to bulk up your meals. It’s hard not to be food obsessed when you read food blogs. But, it’s even harder when you are legitimately hungry.

Still with me?


It’s okay. I’m not always with me either.

I love that Natalie Dee reminds me that my problems are pretty lame compared to the actual crappy things that are going on in our world today. the-entire-world-needs-to-hear-me-bitch-about-nothing-important


Reality Check.

If you have twitter, your life is pretty good.

Thank you Baby Jesus.

I got out of class for like the first time ever and made a beeline for Whole Foods for my weekly juice fix. I need a juicer. Or a million dollars so I can keep buying Whole Foods juices. IMG_2100

With a shot of wheatgrass. For the record, wheatgrass is gross. You take it like an actual shot. Just slam it down.

Maybe not everything that happens in Vegas stays there, because my shot taking ability serves me well at Whole Foods. Reminder: If you ask for a lime chaser the cashier looks at you weird.  He also looks at you weird if you refer to your shot of wheatgrass as a Kamikaze. IMG_2102

And since the hot foods bar is $2.00 off on Wednesdays…IMG_2103

I also ate a bunch of grapes and an extra cookie or three over the course of the day.

Ben and I came up with a good idea to keep me on track with my IE goals that I’ll share tomorrow :) 


  1. says

    I’ve definitely had to increase my meal size to keep me full, especially when I’m running a lot. If not, I’m constantly picking at snacks, or worse, feeling hungry. I actually try to add more protein and whole grains to my meals because piles of veggies make me feel full, but burn off so quickly!

  2. says

    I just read the IE book (thanks for the rec!) and I started on Tuesday. Wow. I’m suprised on how obvious it is, yet it is hard. One day at a time though!

  3. Lindsey says

    Ha! You make me laugh! I really enjoy your blog and have happily added it to my g-reader. I ate my lunch early yesterday simply so I could get to the chocolate peppermint Luna bar I had also packed. Lessert= best part of the day sometimes!


  4. says

    I love calling the wheatgrass shot a kamikaze and I LOVE the word lessert. Well…I love it typed. I don’t love it as much when said aloud. 😉

  5. says

    I have never had wheat grass – but it does look gross.

    I try to have a small snack around 11 am which keeps me from eating 1 million cookies before lunch – I find that I eat a smaller lunch too but yet still feel full long enough to have an afternoon snack. My favorite morning snack is a packet of instant oatmeal.

    Can’t wait to hear about your IE tips.

  6. Ella says

    oh man wheatgrass is disgusting – but hey if there is one thing being in college the 2.25 years i’ve been here so far has taught me is how to take a shot (and organic chemistry…but its not as important) and wheat grass has so many nutrients…

    that veggie burger looks so green! interesting! mine are always kinda brownish. and i am always snacky, no matter how much or how little i eat at meals.
    my family always has thanksgiving dinner at like, 4 o’clock in the afternoon and even after stuffing my face by 7:00 i want to have another meal lol.

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