Veggies with Breakfast

This morning I slept in a bit. I blame Ben for keeping me up late last night. As we were about to go to bed he realized he was hungry and decided to get up and eat a full on meal. Since our bed and kitchen are 6 feet from each other I stayed up with him eating chips and watching Colbert.

He didn’t have to pull my arm as I love Colbert. And really wish I was still in MD so I could go to the Keep Fear Alive rally! keep fear alive

Anyways, I got up this morning did 3 miles, and decided to knock out some daily veggie requirements with breakfast. I made a veggie scramble with onions, salsa and spinach.

I love eating veggies for breakfast so I can eat PB&J for lunch (if I feel like it) and not have to worry about incorporating a lot of veggies with it. IMG_2148

All wrapped up in a burrito with iced coffee and unpictured grapes :)IMG_2152The plans for today include getting to Yoga to knock off my “yoga once a week” resolution and getting my life organized. I have school stuff, bills, writing assignments and really need a plan of attack!

Question: How do you stay organized when you have a ton to do? 

Flash Back Friday! I still need training wheels… SCAN0083


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    my planner. i probably go over the top and schedule EVERYTHING. like every. single. hour. i usually don’t ever follow it to a T but it helps me to know that i can have structure in my day and that it appears to be all possible

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    I’m totally neurotic on many levels, but I do not make obsessive lists, which, considering my nature, is quite bizarre. But, that could also be because I have an extremely uneventful life. However, if I do find myself overwhelmed, I make a list.

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    I have an ole paper calendar which helps me get organized – I write paper due dates and what I need to read/write every week on a sticky note. I can then take the sticky note around with me in a book so I know what to read. I then get to cross things off when done!

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    Hahaha…I knew you put your tortillas on an electrical burner! Just make sure you don’t leave pieces on there cause i’m sure you know, when you cook something on the burner later it’s STINKY!!

    :) can’t wait for FB!

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