Late Run Saturday


Most Saturdays I set my alarm, crawl out of bed while it’s still dark, eat PB toast and set off on a long run. Today was my weekend run before next Sunday’s race and I ended up staying up super late last night and decided to turn off my alarm. Since it was only 10 miles I didn’t think it would matter. But, my late start meant Ben woke up too and we started talking and getting … [Read more...]

Yoga Is Good


One of my End of Year Resolutions was to go to Yoga once a week. I have been putting it off because yoga takes so long! 90 minute classes plus driving to and from the studio – it feels like it takes all day. That, and Yoga scares me. I think yoga is difficult and I hate feeling frustrated during what is supposed to be a relaxing time. But, I set a goal and I was determined to … [Read more...]