Yoga Is Good

One of my End of Year Resolutions was to go to Yoga once a week. I have been putting it off because yoga takes so long! 90 minute classes plus driving to and from the studio – it feels like it takes all day.

That, and Yoga scares me. I think yoga is difficult and I hate feeling frustrated during what is supposed to be a relaxing time.

But, I set a goal and I was determined to achieve it. So, I went to yoga. After class I rewarded myself with a tea from Cha for Tea – I missed my studio and this tea place so much! IMG_2162

I always feel better after yoga and am glad I went. I need to remind myself – Yoga is good!

I fueled up for yoga with a huge salad and an english muffin with butter, stevia and cinnamon.IMG_2160

Right before yoga I had an apple and some grapes, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming about dinner. I don’t feel bad about thinking about food on runs, but during yoga felt kinda wrong.

I was craving PIZZA and was determined to get my hands on some.

I tried to get Ben to take me out, but he wanted to stay in. My pizza mission would not be stopped and I stopped at TJ’s for some dough. So.Good.


Pizza is my favorite food.IMG_2168

I also picked up these Dark Chocolate Lacy Almond Cookies from Trader Joes. These cookies are insanely good. Like, Ben was moaning as he ate them. Don’t buy them if eating a whole container of cookies in one night is something you’d like to avoid. IMG_2170

Tomorrow morning is my last weekend run before the mary. I wish I was running the  Chicago Marathon with my blog friends this weekend!

Good luck to anyone running Chicago! I’m going to be following along via text messages and I can’t wait! Wish I was there!!

I had the best appointment with Evelyn Tribole today, but I am trying to cuddle with Ben and watch a tragic old movie that I don’t want to admit to right now.

Question: Is there an exercise or class you avoid because it’s difficult for you?


  1. Lorin says

    I avoid Zumba because I can’t dance whatsoever nor have the confidence too. I feel like I would get lost doing those dances!

  2. says

    I avoid anything with choreography. I’m the fool in the back that’s always going the wrong. In fact, I once tripped over someone’s stuff and fell on my face in class. Sorta embarrassing!

    I love yoga, but it doesn’t get practiced often enough because of the time commitment. I love running more and most days, I just can’t get to both. It’s like a three hour tour to go to the studio, take the class, and get home!

    I am wishing I was in Chicago, too!! At least we can track our friends :)

  3. says

    I’ve been avoiding Zumba because my coordination is TERRIBLE, and I really don’t want to be frustrated for an entire hour. However, a local gym is offering some classes (including Zumba!) in 30 minute segments today as part of a fundraiser. So, I’m going to try it. I can take being frustrated for 30 minutes! And actually, my mama is coming, so I’ll just laugh at myself with her if need be:).

  4. says

    I’m terrified of any sort of dance or aerobic class – I’m embarrassingly uncoordinated in that regard. Never been to Zumba or anything of the like. I know I would trip and fall over my feet. I feel pretty comfortable in a yoga studio now but that didn’t happen overnight!

  5. says

    Ahh I am going to tJS today! what should i get? this is important bc its an hour away and it happens to be on the way to where i am going! Im guessing those cookies are a must?

    i need to do more YOGA

    • says

      You should stock up on their rice/grain blends that are super easy to make. They have their own line of cereals, chips and cookies – so pick up a few of those too.
      In addition to the pumpkin butter they have an apple-cranberry one.
      Advice: They don’t have the best quality produce, so you can skip that section.

  6. says

    I always think about food during yoga too! LoL. Actually, I am usually thinking about food but yoga seems to make me more hungry than any other workout.

    Have a great weekend hun!

  7. says

    Hey Monica,
    I have been a long time reader of your blog and wanted to let you know I am running the Long Beach half marathon next weekend, too! are you running alone? maybe we could meet up the day of or the day before for coffee or some motivating conversation! This is my first half marathon….I am very nervous but so stoked!! :)

      • says

        Hey! I live in Tustin, we should def. meet up if you go on Saturday!!
        Any tips for half marathon taper? I did my last double digit today (10 miles) and plan on taking the week easy. I’m so excited to meet you even if Sat. doesn’t work out we should try to at least meet up for a high five before the race…we have the same pace average so it would be awesome to run the first couple miles together. I normally enjoy running solo but it’s so much more fun when you have someone to talk to for a portion of the run.

  8. says

    You should run the Chicago Marathon next year! It’s such a fun race! :) Assuming the weather is better next year than it is expected to be tomorrow, that is…

  9. says

    I like most classes- but I’m pretty sure spinning classes are for crack heads. I took one class- and every time the guy was like “go up to your 90%” I was like “5% works for me.” Hated it.

    I miss Southern California for many reasons (you know, the whole I was born and raised there thing..) but there’s nothing like TJ. I got happy just getting their weekly mailer.

  10. says

    I agree–90 minute yoga classes are WAY too long for me. There is a studio by me that does 60 minute yoga classes, which are awesome, but I don’t go as often as I should because of the cost of the classes. Can’t wait until I’m not a student anymore!

  11. says

    MOST classes are hard for me. I have a hard time keeping up. I’m really fit but I’m uncoordinated and usually 2 steps behind the instructor. That’s pretty frustrating.

  12. says

    Good work going to yoga! Check around to see if there’s an hour class that you can take so you can keep your commitment to going to yoga. I know it’s hard for time; especially when the teacher likes to run over! (Which I do not do, because I respect that people are busy). I’m also a runner and would certainly have more injuries/problems if it were not for my yoga practice of 15 years. Check out my site for tips for runners as well. I will post to accommodate this group. Great blog, I’ll be a reader!!! Namaste, Marne

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