How Do You Commit To Fit? Contest!


Hello and Happy Tuesday! I started the day with a quick 3 miler. I’m really starting to get antsy about the race, but not in a good way. My stomach is already in knots! After the run I made oat bran for breakfast. I received a lot of questions about oat bran so here’s the low down. Oat bran: is just the outer husk of the oat – and has a lot of fiber (it’s called “bran” … [Read more...]

Cranberry Roasted Turnips, Sweet Potatoes and Apples


Thank you all for the help on Naming My Veggies! It was seriously a huge help in being able to at least name my new food! After finding out what my loot was named I went in search of recipes. I loved the sound of the recipes you sent, but already found this one for the turnips and was sold. Tonight’s dinner recipe was inspired by this recipe I found on My I … [Read more...]