Training Your Mind


I’ve been training for this weekend’s marathon for three months. Some runs were good, some were bad. I skipped some because of travels. I rocked some because I felt great. I regret that I failed to complete any legitimate speed work even though I wrote it into my plan. But what’s done is done. All the miles and training (or lack thereof) are behind me now. I have 4 days … [Read more...]

White Beans


I love colorful foods so I was hesitate to buy these white beans at the bulk bins today. I needed beans, but these guys weren’t jumping out at me. Hmmmm. I was on the fence the whole way through. But, I was able to just walk away from them since I cooked them in the crockpot instead of on the stove. Three and a half hours on high later – they were splitting apart. That’s … [Read more...]