What’s Eating You?

Morning! I actually had a horrible night’s sleep. I woke up at 4am, my thoughts racing about 100 different things and could not go back to sleep. I tossed and turned until it was time to wake up and now my eyes sting from lack of being closes long enough.

I decided to opt out of a morning run because I was so tired. I may try to go on a 2 miler to loosen up in a bit.

Breakfast consisted of two foods I needed to use up before they went bad:IMG_2303

In a bowl with cereals, Attune granola, chia seeds and almond butter :)IMG_2305

And lots of coffee because I’m feeling rough. IMG_2309

Did anyone catch “What’s Eating You” on E! last night? It is a documentary style show about people with eating disorders. I was about to go to sleep when  I saw it was on and caught the second half.

I thought it was very interesting. Last night’s episode followed a girl with bulimia and one with anorexia. One realized she had a problem, but wasn’t in a good place to actually stop it. The other had an extremely distorted body image and couldn’t see how thin she was.

It’s not as easy as telling someone with anorexia “just eat” or someone with binge eating disorder (BED) “don’t eat”. So, you can see the frustration the girls’ families feel.

Eating disorders come with serious psychological issues that should be treated by a professional.

Danni’s story struck a cord with me. At one point she said something to the effect of, “I don’t know how to just feel hungry and full. It’s either an extreme of one or the other.”

Also, her therapist said that the eating disorder was not the problem – it is a symptom of the problem. Getting to the real problem will help heal the eating disorder. I think getting there requires a lot of real honest talk with yourself and a therapist too.

If you think you have an eating disorder or disordered eating please get professional help. If you don’t have insurance talk to someone you know, a school counselor or your health center.

National Eating Disorder Association

Binge Eating Disorder Association

Question: Anyone else catch it? Thoughts?


  1. says

    I DVRed it and can’t wait to watch. I’m intriqued by these kind of stories. It’s heartbreaking, for sure. It’s a 6 part series – and I’m really interested to watch the episode with the girl that eats chalk.

  2. says

    I caught that show last night too! My heart broke for both of them. When the therapist had the one girl draw how she saw her body on a sheet of paper and then she traced her actual body over that I got a little choked up. It makes me so sad that she looks in the mirror and thinks she’s fat when she is all but wasting away and continues to loose jobs over it. :(

  3. says

    I caught part of it after watching the Jersey Southpark…….way to go from LLOL’ing to CRYING right before bed. I love food so much I can’t imagine being tortured by it. It was sooooooooo sad.

  4. says

    I didn’t see it but have heard a lot of buzz about it today – interested to check it out and see how EDs are portrayed. Also slept like crap last night – so random but a mosquito was in my room buzzing around my head and but my forehead -WHAT? Happened at 5:15. Couldn’t go back to sleep.

  5. Lindsay says

    I watched the whole thing last night. I agree, the statements you pointed out struck a chord with me. Honestly, the show kind of bothered me. I suppose that since I struggle with disordered eating myself, it was almost a trigger for me. Idk. I had to fight looking at Adrienne (the anorexic girl) and not being jealous of her self control even though I know she is very unhealthy. Did this show act as a trigger for anyone else or is it just me? Maybe I should refrain from watching them, but I do think some of the things both therapists said were very good. OH- and for those that missed it, it replays again tonight at 8pm on E.

    • says

      A few other people said they didn’t watch it because they knew it would be triggering. Part of self love is not putting yourself in situations that will illicit a negative response. I don’t know anything about “your story”, but I would suggest you not watch it if it’s going to trigger you.


  6. says

    I wanted to watch that show last night, and my counselor actually asked me if i knew it was going to be on. but by 10pm i have to be asleep, so hopefully i’ll catch it on tv again; there’s 6 of them so i’ll get in at least one!

  7. Zuzanka says

    I just happened to come across this and thought I would share. It’s basically some short, but very honest stories of people with ED who talk about their experiences. It’s actually a part of a larger series about people with all kinds of disorders and diseases such as autism, schizophrenia, HIV, stroke, bipolar etc. I think it’s really worth watching..


  8. says

    I haven’t seen it, but I see it’s on tonight at 8PM EST. I appreciate you talking about it in today’s post. While it may be triggering to some, I think other may find it beneficial. I look forward to seeing it this evening. Thanks again!

  9. Megs says

    I wanted to say great job on pointing out awareness and helpful sites for people struggling with these disorders. :) Wonderful to hear people reaching out like you!

  10. says

    I have heard of this documentary and I think I’ve seen pieces of it. How heart wrenching. These girls do not deserve to be trapped into this world and my heart goes out to them.

  11. says

    Yes!! I just finished watching that show tonight since I had it on Tivo. I thought it was very good and I could identify with both of the girls. It actually made me cry because I could feel their pain and saw myself in both of them .

  12. says

    I definitely vote you run with the hat dirty. Think of all the runs you’ve put in with it on as strengthening you during this marathon! :)

    Also, I am terrible at matching for exercise. And maybe just in general.

  13. says

    My BFF Mona is on this show. They really helped her!
    I’m on it talking about her ED. Mona is an amazing person
    She needed help so bad. The show pays for a therapist after the show!
    Mona was a well known recording artist and her career
    Was stopped because she was “big”! I think it’s horrible
    society contributes to body issue. My BF is beautiful and talented!
    I am so hurt for Adrienne. I met her, she is one of the sweetest
    People! The crew for this show CRARED!!!!!!! I was weary at first but
    This is the real deal. Love to all! Christian

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