Last Friday 5K Before The Big Day

Hello and welcome to Friday! I woke up thinking it was Sunday and I was late for the race, so I am extra happy it’s only Friday :)

I did an easy 5K to get my legs moving and some ab work. I definitely want to work on strengthening my abs because I get majorly poor form when I’m fatigued during a run. But, that is another post for another day.

After my run I made breakfast whilst g-chatting with Glenn Jones, who is running the LB Half. Glenn, I hope we finally meet in person at some point! Perhaps on a trail run? Hint, hint.

Simple stuff: english muffin with AB and banana and pumpkin butter. Sprinkling of chia seeds because I enjoy picking them out of my teeth for the rest of the day. It’s funny because it’s true.IMG_2343

And yogurt because a bigger breakfast is better :)  IMG_2340Seriously kids, since bulking up my meals I feel so not “food obsessed” like I used to be most of the time.

If you are always thinking about food – eat more during meals and snacks. Then, go on and live your life :)

Question: Who is racing this weekend?

Any other grand plans?


  1. says

    I hate how the chia seeds stick in your teeth and get all gelatinous. It grosses me out.

    Good luck at your race this weekend! I’ll be thinking about you. No races for me this weekend, but the Army 10 Miler is next week.

  2. says

    Couldn’t agree more! If you aren’t satiated after a meal, add something to bulk it up. Oatmeal hasn’t been doing to trick to keep me full like it used to – now I’ll eat a scrambled egg or 2 with some salsa in addition to the oats and it gets me to lunch. I actually learned this while traveling and it’s helped me, like you said, to not obsess about food during the day.

  3. Jen says

    Good luck with your race! 😀

    My weekend highlight will be carving a pumpkin with my best friend (and roasting those pumpkin seeds!).

  4. Deirdre says

    Monica good luck Sunday – I hope you have a great race!!

    I have met and run Glenn, he is a great guy! Yes you must come out and trail run with us, so much fun you will love it. I am not running right now since I am hugely pregnant but hope to be back at it asap. We run with you should come out to their next new member run, great group, beautiful trails and oh so much fun. ; )

  5. says

    This is soooooo soooo very true. I use to think about food 99% of the time whenever I was eating hardly anything in my meals. Or when I was eating all fat free, sugar free, chemically full things. Now, I can eat 3 solid meals a day and go four 5-6 hours before I even start to think about food.

    I just said this the other day, “I’ve never met a single person on a diet who wasn’t hungry all the time.”

  6. Sahar says

    Thanks for the tip about bulking up meals. I feel pretty food-obsessed sometimes and feel like I’m always planning what I am going to eat next. I’m going to try to do this more.

  7. zoe says

    Monica – good luck with the run sunday. Your hours of training, jars of nut butter, and sense of humor will surely get you through it (I could go on but then that would reveal that ive been reading the blog for too long :). Can’t wait for the marathon update.

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