A Tale Of Two Tastebuds


This morning I assembled a delicious yogurt bowl for breakfast. In the mix: pumpkin (which I warm up in the microwave), yogurt, stevia, pumpkin pie spice, chia seeds and cereals. Served with a spoonful of PB. After taking pictures, I mix it all up and dig in! There is a reason it’s called a yogurt mess. It looks gross, but tastes delicious. After mixing I went put some … [Read more...]

Right In Front Of Me


Last night I stumbled home in a post-marathon stupor and put my race bib on the fridge. It wasn’t until this morning that I saw the magnet I used - “Have faith in yourself and in the future.” Sometimes there are positive messages right in front of us that we need to be open to. I try to surround myself with motivational things, but it doesn’t help if I’m not open to it! I … [Read more...]