A Toe and a Tip


Hello! Today was my first post-marathon run. I was really nervous about it because it wasn’t until the run after my last marathon that my knee started to hurt. I am going to come back to running very slowly in order to avoid getting injured again. 2.82 miles slow and steady :) I have been quietly practicing intuitive eating and realize my body enjoys protein to keep me full. … [Read more...]

What If Wednesday and Big Bowls


Today I opened the fridge for lunch and saw a bunch of random food filled tupperware staring back at me. The containers had peas, chickpeas and brown rice. Hmmmm…. I racked my brain for a cool casserole or inventive hot salad idea in which to use all these ingredients at once. Then I realized that I love chickpeas straight up. I didn’t want them buried in some casserole. … [Read more...]