No 5K Friday


In keeping with the Zero Week training plan I skipped a run this morning and opted for a morning yoga session. I only go to Level 1 classes right now, so it’s more of a stretch session than a work out, but it’s the only way I’ll a.) ever stretch and b.) actually coax myself to go to yoga. Pre-yoga fuel to go: Smoothie and PB&PB. After yoga I went to Trader Joe’s. They … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday: Guacamole Race


It’s that time again. Confession Thursday is upon us once again and I thought I’d spill in a stream of consciousness/ random BS way. But first, can I give some love to my lunch? Egg scramble with tons of guacamole. And that brings me to… Confession #1: It’s basically a race to the guacamole whenever we have it because both Ben and I are obsessed. This is one of the few … [Read more...]