Ben’s Package

Ben got busted earlier this week because of his package.

Yes, you read that right. He got a package this week that I thought we decided against – Nutella to go. IMG 2552 thumb Ben’s Package

Look at his guilty face enjoying the sweet tea that comes in the snack pack. I have to admit, even at room temperature the tea was good. IMG 2598 thumb Ben’s Package


I think this picture speaks for itself. Nutella on a stick? Yes. Oh Yes! Give it to me. IMG 2600 thumb Ben’s Package

The rest of the day is not nearly as important as that Nutella, or this wine.

I bought it because of the cute label, but I liked it. Very mild, but pleasant.IMG 2611 thumb Ben’s Package

I decided not to drink for the last few weeks leading up to the marathon. I didn’t want to dehydrate myself before long runs and by the time I got to taper I didn’t want to change anything, so it’s been about two months since I’ve drank. I will definitely change this up for my next training session.

Anyways, today was the day to drink. And I did.

IMG 2604 thumb Ben’s Package


Pizza and wine. The best combination ever. IMG 2606 thumb Ben’s Package

His and hers sides…

IMG 2608 thumb Ben’s Package

Ahhhh. After not drinking for a while this wine is feeling good.

Now I must attend to Ben’s package.

The Nutella one, sicko!

icon wink Ben’s Package


  1. says

    I have never seen Nutella to go – Ben does look like he is enjoying it.

    I haven’t had a glass of wine in a long time – perhaps if I get my paper done today…

  2. says

    I bought that wine once for the very same reason – the label was cute. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan. But the giant walking pancake is still cute!

  3. Amy Ramos says

    Oh man…that is some dangerous stuff.
    I keep forgetting to tell you. I made the mistake of buying those dark chocolate pb cups from Trader Joe’s. Bad idea….they are almost gone. Brian (husband) tried to hide them, but I found them. :-(.

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