Eat What You Love


Good Morning and Happy Monday! I have a lot of things to do, so I’ll make this quick. I started my week with a 4 mile run that ended with some stomach issues. This has never happened before, so it was alarming. Let’s just say I raced home and kicked Ben out of the bathroom. Not sexy. I really wanted pumpkin cream cheese for breakfast, but I tried to talk myself out of it for … [Read more...]

You Shouldn’t Have


I had the best intentions today. Really, I did. But, as I looked over the pictures I realize, I Shouldn’t Have… First off, I shouldn’t have ran because today is a rest day. Oh wait. I didn’t. Got ya ;) I take rest days very seriously. I should take church more seriously because I didn’t go today. I should have. I made pumpkin pancakes this morning for my usual leisurely … [Read more...]