You Shouldn’t Have

I had the best intentions today. Really, I did. But, as I looked over the pictures I realize, I Shouldn’t Have…

First off, I shouldn’t have ran because today is a rest day.

Oh wait. I didn’t. Got ya 😉

I take rest days very seriously. I should take church more seriously because I didn’t go today. I should have.

I made pumpkin pancakes this morning for my usual leisurely Sunday breakfast. Topped with almond butter, syrup and a side of grapes.

IMG_2634 But, I got a little excited and put way too much pumpkin in the mix. The pancakes didn’t get firm and most of them just fell apart. They were soft and squishy and I shouldn’t have even ate them.

The top p’cake came out nice, but the rest I shouldn’t have even bothered to plate. IMG_2636

I made Ben chocolate chips pancakes. I really shouldn’t have as this was the last of them.IMG_2631

I shouldn’t have purchased the Egg White salad from TJ’s since I have eggs at home and could have made my own. IMG_2640 But I’m glad I did :)

IMG_2639 I packed lunch to go since we were on our way to my mom’s.

IMG_2642 We went to my mom’s to get my cat, Vegas. I have been waiting to take him to my home for so long – it was finally time!



But, maybe I shouldn’t have because he just locked himself in the closet and we couldn’t get him out. We staked out the room waiting for him to come out, but it was a bust.IMG_2655

I planned out dinner for the week and figured I would have pumpkin spice roasted chickpeas (a recipe from MamaPea) tonight and leftovers for tomorrow night too.IMG_2658

 I shouldn’t have (planned for leftovers) because the whole can is basically gone. Does anyone else eat a whole can of chickpeas in one sitting? I did.

But, I shouldn’t have.


Target had a sale on ice cream today. Like a “buy 2 of these frozen dinners you can make for your husband when you don’t feel like cooking and get the ice cream free” deal. It was too good to pass up, so I came home with Pumpkin Ice Cream!


Maybe I shouldn’t have. I’m still deciding 😉



Ben used his ice cream to coax the cat out of the closet.  I wouldn’t have. I don’t share my ice cream. That cat could stay in there for a week for all I care. IMG_2671

I may have also made a borderline blatantly offensive comment when I saw Ben doing this.

I shouldn’t have…

But I don’t take it back.


  1. griselda says

    haha i LOVE your blog….i had a day like that today. a lot of shouldn’t haves…but tomorrow is a new day! :) lazy sundays are the best!!!

  2. Amanda says

    How was that pumpkin ice cream? I had some (different brand) last week and it was not worth the calories. You know I’m REALLY disappointed when I rate it as ‘not worth the calories’….. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad ice cream before.

  3. says

    You kind of have a pumpkin theme going on, eh? Me too, though I am reduced to have to cook the damn thing myself because it’s so hard to find here.

    Am really curious about the. Offensive comment ;-). My Frankie loves ice cream too. Actually he would eat anything out of any bowl or plate I’m eating from.

  4. says

    I think Ben and my hubby are one in the same. On Pancake Sunday, I always get the Pumpkin (which are actually better with more pumpkin) and he always gets chocolate chip. I swear I’m looking at my life when I read your blog! 😉
    Love ya girl.

  5. says

    Vegas is such a cute cat. I’m glad he finally emerged from his hiding spot. I’m easily swayed by ice cream, too.

    I’ve never eaten a whole can of chick peas, but I’ve been tempted on a few occasions.

  6. says

    That picture of you and ben is so cute. I can’t say that I would’ve used ice cream as bait for the cat either. I’m stingy with my frozen treats!

  7. says

    Love Popchips! I’m hosting a little giveaway for some if you want to enter. 😉

    I don’t know if I’d like pumpkin ice cream. Last year I had pumpkin pie cheesecake though and it was absolutely amazing!!!

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