Fall in Love


Since I was a little girl my mom told me I was an Autumn or Fall complexion. I learned I looked best in earthy tones. I was called a pumpkin head and carrot top. But, I surprisingly liked the names and embraced my key colors.  I also embraced my dog a little too roughly, but that’s besides the point…   So, I guess this is part of the reason I love Fall so much. … [Read more...]

Tofu Tuesday and Too Many Treats


I love leftovers! Today I used the leftover bean, bell pepper and onion mix I cooked for my Mexican Meatless quesadillas for lunch. I micro-waved a sweet potato and topped with it the black bean mix. I don’t know why black beans and sweet potatoes go together so well, but they do. Since the pears are at peak ripeness I can’t stay away. (I also had a small bowl of cereal … [Read more...]