Fall in Love

Since I was a little girl my mom told me I was an Autumn or Fall complexion. I learned I looked best in earthy tones. I was called a pumpkin head and carrot top. But, I surprisingly liked the names and embraced my key colors. 

I also embraced my dog a little too roughly, but that’s besides the point… GOLDEN RETRIEVER 

So, I guess this is part of the reason I love Fall so much. Maybe I look at a pumpkin like it’s my long lost sister? I just feel more at home and grounded this time of year.IMG_2206

It’s too bad there are no leaves changing in Southern California, but I did get to experience a “real” fall last year in Maryland :)IMG_2205

I’m writing all this to make myself feel better about the enthusiasm with which I bought this new Fall bowl. I LOVE it!

IMG_2751 Before  breakfast I had the best 6 mile run. I meant to take it easy for another few days since I’m still coming back from the marathon, but I felt so good today!

6 miles with 8:44 average pace

Mile 1: 8:37 (this is where I realize I’m going to make it a good run)

Mile 2: 8:49

Mile 3: 9:08 hill

Mile 4: 8:22

Mile 5: 8:15

Mile 6: 9:14 cool down

Breakfast is brought to you in part by Stoneyfield who sent me a few coupons for some yogurt ages ago that I forgot about until yesterday. I thought about getting the plain, but then I thought that was a bad idea and went with Vanilla. Good decision.


In the bowl: warm pumpkin, Vanilla Oikos, Kashi Good Friends cereal, chia seeds and almond butter. I opened a new jar of AB told which meant extra time stirring and eating it to get it “just right”. Anyone else do that?IMG_2747

The bowl has a cute little detail on the inside too :)IMG_2749

 Question: What colors do you look best in?

You can find out what season you are here.


  1. says

    I am obsessed with teal blue. Or any shade that remotely resembles it. I have to consciously stop myself from buying everything in that color. My wardrobe is seriously 1 note. :)

    Also, I go to school in upstate NY and I cannot express how gorgeous all the changing trees are. On my run yesterday, I ran through shades or orange and yellow. It was amazing.

  2. says

    I’m a winter. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin. Right now I’m into turquiose. I also wear a lot of black and hot pink.

    I just noticed today on my drive home from the gym how quickly the leaves have started changing. I live outside of Washington, DC and the trees are so vibrant and beautiful. I love fall!

  3. says

    As a fellow California girl, I also miss the east coast falls. The leaves are so incredibly beautiful during October and November! I am light-haired and fair-skinned, so I tend to wear a lot of dark green and turquoise. Enjoy your day!

  4. says

    I think I’m Autumn or Spring – maybe in between! I think I look best in lighter but rich colors – pinks, light-medium blues and greens, etc. I don’t really like wearing super bold colors a lot (except for the occasional red dress 😉 ).

  5. says

    I was always told I was a fall, too, but as I’ve gotten older my middle-eastern-adjacent heritage seems to be getting more prevalent, leaving me straddling fall and winter in a weird way. I’m embracing deep blues and charcoals an awful lot.

    It’s my first fall as a SoCal girl and I do miss the leaves and that crisp autumn air. I do not, however, miss the snow & sleet the folks back in Minneapolis are getting today!

  6. Kianni says

    Having been in Los Angeles my whole life and in Arizona for two I thought I’d seen “Real” Fall. but now IDK >.<" I mean, I've seen tree leaves change color..I think? At school? hmm…
    I never actually think about what colors look good on me…but perhaps it's 'cause I avoid inadvertently the ones that don't? hehe..Basically just not browns. I find I'm too tan and my hair is brown, so I don't like the whole one tone look XP I actually try to stir the almond butter or peanut butter well enough, but at the same time I love it when I get to the bottom and have the crumbly dry bits that I can then sprinkle over yogurt and fruit ^_^

  7. says

    I have no idea what colors I look best in. I have really dark hair, a light complexion, a million and a half freckles and green eyes. Now I’m curious to find out. (I know I look terrible in yellows, oranges and browns which sucks!)

    My sisters have red hair and look good in almost any color. I’m jealous.

  8. says

    Aww…you loved your pup. Haha.

    People tell me I look good in blue because I have blue eyes. My boyfriend says bright colors are best. He hates it when people wear black too often…sometimes I do that!

  9. says

    Even though I don’t really like the cold weather I love the fall colors! It’s so beautiful.

    I think I look best in bright or dark colors…red especially.

  10. Jen says

    Yeah I always have to stir almond butter for ages to get it “just right”… almond butter is much more stubborn than any of the peanut butters I’ve had (whether the oil has to be mixed in or not).

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