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The OC Weekly is a local alternative magazine in Orange County. I’ve been reading it since high school when I would pick up a copy at Starbucks like I was actually cool enough to “get it”. They have a column called “Ask a Mexican” where people write in and ask Gustavo Arellano (the token Mexican) questions.

Some of the questions are serious, but for the most part it’s funny and entertaining. Yesterday I said on twitter that my opinions are lost on Ben and I’d be happy to share them with the unsuspecting people of the internet (read: You. Sorry.).

So, if anyone has a question that doesn’t require a serious, educated or cuss-free response please feel free to email me at - Thanks for the unqualified medical advice

I’m never going to say who asked what, but if you write in with a question that is tragically embarrassing I may laugh a little to myself. That is all the payment I need.

Think of me as a Dear Abby for new millennium. Or a cross between Chelsea Handler/Kathy Griffin and Oprah? I dunno.




In other news… I ate oatmeal for breakfast. I know it’s exciting. Especially because no one else in blog land had oatmeal for breakfast today. Sarcasm. It’s what’s for breakfast. IMG_2781

At least I used this super cute bowl I got from Curacao.

Added yogurt to the mix for extra protein a la Janetha. IMG_2779

Yesterday after a very stressful test I got back in the car to see my check engine light was on. First thing this morning I headed to my mom’s so my brother could use his magic reader machine to tell me what’s wrong with it.

I have so many miles on my little Echo I really just need a new car. Plus, Ben and I only have 1 car so we need it to be a good one. I’m looking, but money is an issue (when is it not, right).


After the car assessment I talked my brother’s GF, Heather, into taking the dogs for a long walk with me. Ahhhhh. I feel better now :)

I scrounged up some lunch at my mom’s before heading south to the other side of the Orange Curtain – Definition: “this term is used by people in Los Angeles, when referring to travelling within Orange County. This refers to the idea that people in Orange County know nothing about what’s going on in Los Angeles or even the world, and only are concerned with local affairs. Comes from the term for Russia “behind the iron curtain” from the cold war era.”


I don’t know why I even bother with chips when I really want bread.



I bought these candies for Matt (my little brother) to hand out for his student council elections and there were leftovers. One of them made it’s way into my lunch dessert.

IMG_2792 Then, I made the trek home. I’m a lot closer than I was a year ago (hello Maryland) but it’s still a drive. I’m not complaining, just saying.

I’m especially not complaining about my amazing snack!


The extra carbs I thought necessary to consume for some reason. It wasn’t necessary, but I guess it’s popcorn under the bridge now.IMG_2794

Dinner had me reminiscing about Maryland because I used some Old Bay seasoning. (Hi Kristin, I miss you!)IMG_2795

I will never forget my first crab feast in MD. I had Old Bay in every nook and cranny of my nails, but it was amazing. box of crabs Dinah! Salmon Burgers and Green Bean Fries.


Fact: Melted cheese makes a so-so sandwich amazing.IMG_2801

I didn’t have any tartar sauce or the plain Greek yogurt I usually use to make it. I improvised with Laughing Cow cheese and relish.


With wine. I need wine!


I don’t know how, but Ben convinced me to walk around the corner to the store to get him a Snicker’s Ice Cream Bar. IMG_2807

I also considered getting this sports drink – beer. If Lance Armstrong is on a beverage it is a sports drink. Fact.


I had a bite of that Snickers. Who wouldn’t?

IMG_2809Since I don’t have any questions for Ask a Monican tonight I will leave you until tomorrow with my first piece of advice….


  1. meg c. says

    there are so many awesome things in this post i don’t know where to begin. hilarious! maybe i should start putting micholob ultra in my water bottle at the gym.

  2. says

    We don’t know each other, and I’m about to tell you a weird/ embarrassing story about myself. When I was in first year university I got a urinary tract infection. When I was on the mend I called my mom and told her. She was so upset and worried about me (I wasn’t dying mom!). She then started telling me you can get them from not wiping properly and began to shout into the phone “front to back Meaghen. Front to back” over and over. Gots to love her! :)

  3. says

    haha, the orange curtain. ive never heard that and i live behind the curtain!
    question, have you ever personally dealt with any sort of racism being mexican? wow that was deep for a friday…

  4. beth says

    Ask a monican! haha! Soo funny. My best gay friend is the whitest Mexican ever, besides you of course, and we are always making jokes like that. My question is where have you eaten the best pizza ever? :)

  5. Necia says

    Work today is extremely slow, so Im taking the time out to delurk and let you know Im reading your blog, and I LOVE IT. Thanks for helping me past time. That IS ALL.

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