Los Olivos Wine Tour

Hello! I spent the day in Los Olivos with my friend Lisa. But, before I went I did a 10-ish mile run. I’m not sure how much because my Garmin stopped at mile 2. I reset it when I turned around, but I’m not sure the official distance.

On the way to meet Lisa I stopped to get scones. Pumpkin Pecan for me. This was a lot better than the WF pumpkin scone I got yesterday. A LOT BETTER. 


I crumbled it over my yogurt bowl, which I took to go :)



Then, Lisa and I were headed north!IMG_2841

Los Olivos is a small city inland of Santa Barbara in the San Ynez mountains. It’s about two hours north of LA (three hours from Orange County).

It felt so good to be back driving up the California coast. IMG_2843I’m home. 



Welcome to Los Olivos! It is Santa Barbara Wine Country :) IMG_2947

Hmmmm. That name is super similar to “Olivas” my last name. I wonder if my ancestors were wine makers. Maybe wine drinkers? That’s where I get it from!IMG_2952 

Our first stop was  the highlight of the day…


but not because of the  wine. IMG_2859It was the highlight of the day because you can buy a flight of cup cakes with your wine tasting.IMG_2846 

IMG_2857 As we tasted the wines, the pourer told us which cupcakes to eat with which wine. The strawberry cheesecake cupcake was a “palate cleanser”. I can’t make this stuff up. I was in Heaven.


Wine and cupcakes. Think about that. Wine and cupcakes. IMG_2860 This place needs to be on every corner. It’s on every corner of my heart already. 





As we were walking out we asked one of the owners to take a picture of us. A glass of wine and a silly mood means it was a production.IMG_2870


IMG_2872This is one of the owners. I didn’t catch his name :( But he swears this is his Halloween costume. I’m not sure.

IMG_2873  IMG_2875



Then, we met Henry. He greeted us at the door of stop #2. In case you’re wondering, I lost count after #2.




Henry says, “Drink up bitches!” IMG_2888




Per usual, they gave us a piece of chocolate with the port tasting. I bought it. IMG_2893

After another tasting or so we needed lunch.





Tuna salad is my favorite. It just is.IMG_2946


IMG_2938  I fell in love with the sparkling wine at Evan’s Ranch. I am a fiend for sparkling wines. Apparently, I think I’m Kimora and should drink champagne as my only source of liquids.







IMG_2906 IMG_2949 IMG_2926IMG_2953



The day started off drizzly, but turned extra gorgeous to make up for the gloomy morning.






IMG_2975 IMG_2977


Today was a good day.


  1. says

    What. Fun. Ahhh!!! I’m so jealous that after birthing me in California my cruel parents ripped me away from the beauty (and wine country) of CA to bring me to the Midwest. That’s the kind of day vacations are made of, yet you just did it on a random Saturday…. so awesome!

  2. Jesse says

    Haha, though you are even better (kinder) than Kimora, and ought to drink sparkling as your only source of liquids! In today’s Wall Street Journal (Satuday), in the Review Section on page D9, there is an article about 13 different ways to use pumpkin, complete with FABULOUS recipes, with everything from pumpkin cake to marmalade to entrees. I don’t read the editorial of the WSJ, because I am a loud and proud DEMOCRAT, but sometimes they are really rockin’ when it comes to food, wine, and all things cultural! Thought you might enjoy! :)

  3. Lorin says

    Wow, running 10 miles is awesome!! I know to you that is probably nothing after running 26.2, but I don’t think I would ever be able to do that! I really want to go wine tasting for my 21st birthday, either in Santa Barbara or in Palo Alto area. The new hair looks cute!

  4. says

    What a fantastic day. I could spend an entire vacation just doing wine tours. I think I need to check out Napa Valley. I would be in my glory.

    Glad it was such a wonderful afternoon!!

  5. says

    Great job on a 10ish mile run…its double digits, thats what matters! :)

    I’m not much of a wino, so I have little input there, although it looks like a beautiful day. I do have to say that your hair is really cute braided and pulled back like that! I really like it and might have to try it!

  6. says

    Kicking myself for not spending more time in Wine Country when I lived in California….I used to gaze at maps plotting my weekend escapes from Costa Mesa, but alas, work always got in the way!
    It looks like you had a wonderful day indeed and, on a totally random side note, I think we have the exact same color hair. Long live the redheaded tribe :)!

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