My Apologies


I’m sorry. I know there are only so many bowls of oats you can take before you start selecting “Mark All As Read” on your Google Reader. And only so many close ups of chia seeds too, I’m sorry. I know, I know, you get it – healthy people like tiny little $57.00 specs of pepper on any food they eat. I also want to apologize to myself for convincing my cold little brain … [Read more...]

Eggnog Yogurt


I picked up another holiday flavor yogurt at Target the other day. This time it was Eggnog. I was super excited to get my first taste of ‘nog for the season, but it wasn’t very eggnoggy. I think the Low Fat version might be better since I’m used to thicker Greek yogurt now. Luckily, I got Ben one of those and am planning on stealing it   I ate half of this salad … [Read more...]

Despite the Cold


Despite the cold I still was craving a smoothie for breakfast. After 5.75 chilly miles outside you’d think I would want a warm bowl of oats, but nope – I wanted a green monster. I had a bagel thin with PB&PB on the side. After a year of being obsessed with Almond Butter I’m back on the PB wagon. Ben came home for lunch today because we had to switch out the car. … [Read more...]

Running In The Cold


If you are new to RER, let me fill you in on my life – Last year I moved to Maryland for a reporting job. I was born and raised in Southern California and my ancestors are Californios. The most important thing to note here is: I don’t like to be cold. Anyways, last year Maryland had a super cold, snowy winter and I had a marathon planned for January. It was a bad combination … [Read more...]

Vitalicious Breakfast Sandwich Review


It’s been forever since I’ve done a formal review! I don’t even remember the last one. Exciting. At least for me I heard about the new Vitalicious VitaSandwich on Twitter last week and was super excited. I LOVE Vitatops (maybe more than any other food now that I think about it) and was happy to hear the company was trying something savory and meal-like. I spotted these at … [Read more...]

Food Hoarder


I am a food hoarder. But, I’m kinda bad at it because I was all out of bread this morning and had to walk to the store for some bagel thins. It was a craving that would not be stopped. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so give in to your breakie cravings, right? Plus it gave me the chance to get in a walk and loosen up my legs. I bought 46 pounds of grapes … [Read more...]

A Good Investment


Maybe some “real” plates would be a good investment, so I don’t have to disgrace the blog (and my lunch) with paper. Or maybe these paper plates are an investment in the skin on my hands, which is super dry from yesterday’s cleaning escapades. A good vegetarian meal is a good investment in your health. Added bonus if it’s a date night – it’s an investment in your … [Read more...]

Coming Home to Pancakes


Hi! I had a long run of 15 miles scheduled this morning, but decided to cut it to 14 because I didn’t bring enough fuel and decided it was for the best. I need to restock my Gu supply, because I do not like the chews I have. Before I left I fueled up with half a bagel w/ PB and coffee. It was cold and I needed a warm drink (um, I just wrote drank the first time – someone needs … [Read more...]

Glutton for Punishment


I am a glutton for punishment. These just came out of the oven… But, before I went down that path, I had dinner. I made a salad with leftover kidney bean couscous and gorgonzola cheese. TJ’s has an amazing Raspberry Gorgonzola dressing that goes perfect with extra G cheese. Have some today. With an amazing Pillsbury buttery biscuit. Why are these things irresistible? Right … [Read more...]

Fall Cleaning


Forget Spring cleaning – I went into full on Fall cleaning mode today and could not be stopped! But before my cleaning escapade I had a massive smoothie in a bowl – ice, protein powder, frozen spinach, chia seeds and almond milk. This was another super thick one! One the side I had a piece of PB&PB toast and a small slice of zucchini bread. Then I took a short walk … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving 2010


Family, food and fun. Thanksgiving is the best day ever! My family members all have their own special dishes that they contribute to turkey day. My Nina makes the best sweet potato casserole I’ve ever tried (on the right below) and my cousin Roxanne makes an amazing vegetable casserole. I made the cranberry sauce from organic cranberries from our CSA. It was dee-lish! I … [Read more...]

My First Cornbread Stuffing


Happy Thanksgiving! I have a big confession to make: I didn’t end up doing the Turkey Trot this morning I’m hoping Bobbi will forgive me for ranking out on her (she ran the race with her fam). But, last night as I was supposed to be looking up directions and getting my gear ready I was super unmotivated. I really didn’t want to do it for some reason. I considered just … [Read more...]

Too Thick


Some things in my life are a little too thick these days. Luckily, Ben likes things pretty thick Unfortunately, I don’t. So I don’t’ know why I made my smoothie so thick I could barely pour it out of the blender (making a mess in the process). Forget about drinking it with a straw - I need a  snow shovel. My breakfast this morning consisted of a super thick smoothie … [Read more...]

A Healthy Body Weight


I had a very snacky afternoon triggered by being tired and stress from not getting any of my classes for next semester. Boo. The damage wasn’t life changing but it’s not good either. I think there was some cereal, a yogurt and the rest of my Luna Bar involved. Now onto the the interesting stuff I read about Healthy Body Weight for my Nutrition class today. I really … [Read more...]

Salmon Salad Sandwich


I was on a mission for a protein filled lunch today. As I drove away from class I considered stopping at Subway for a tuny sandwich (that’s not misspelled, that’s how I like it), but I decided to make use of one of my cans of salmon instead. I piled what I could in between the toasted bread and scooped the rest on a salad. Looks a little heavy on the onions – I better go … [Read more...]