Trick or Treat

Did you guess what I was for Halloween?IMG 3007 thumb2 Trick or Treat

Maybe my lunch will give you a hint…

IMG 2996 thumb Trick or Treat 

My costume was an ode to my love, Chickpeas icon smile Trick or Treat

IMG 2993 thumb Trick or Treat

After lunch Ben and I packed up to go to my cousin’s for trick-or-treating. They live in a neighborhood that has tons of kids coming by, so that is the place to be on Halloween. There were shots for the adults and candy for the kids icon wink Trick or Treat

That’s how we do it in Pico.

I made Funfetti cupcakes for the party. IMG 3029 thumb Trick or Treat

IMG 3032 thumb Trick or Treat

My cousin and her husband were monkeys for Halloween icon smile Trick or Treat IMG 3025 thumb Trick or Treat IMG 3027 thumb Trick or Treat

Then, Ben and I took Matt (my little brother) trick-or-treating. Since Ben convinced himself his sign was an actual costume he got candy too.

IMG 3015 thumb Trick or Treat

IMG 3018 thumb Trick or Treat

One house gave out toothbrushes. Love that icon smile Trick or Treat

IMG 3019 thumb Trick or Treat

IMG 3013 thumb Trick or Treat



IMG 3023 thumb Trick or Treat

What’s really scary is the amount of candy I ate tonight!IMG 3022 thumb Trick or Treat

IMG 3021 thumb Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!


  1. says

    hahahah chickpeas! and i love the toothbrush house. very cool although it would have been cooler if it had been giving out both candy and toothbrushes. maybe that’s what i should do next year hahah

  2. says

    I love that ben had a bag. i want some kitkats. girlfriend didn’t have one single piece of candy this weekend and hit when the doorbell rang bc i had nothing to offer. I cannot be trusted with candy in my house. sorry kiddos.

  3. says

    I LOVE your costume….you are SO creative! Cute cupcakes!

  4. says

    Oh, chickpeas, I get it… ;-)
    Glad you had a nice Halloween – I love Funfetti cupcakes.

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