Too Hot and Too Hilly


I really should have checked the weather report before I got dressed for my run this morning. Long sleeves were a bad call. Right Now Feels Like: 93° Run: I set off in my long sleeves for a tempo run. The goals was to do a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down with 5 tempo miles in the middle. But, the hills kill me and I didn’t get faster on the miles going out. … [Read more...]

Keep Calm and Carry On


We finally put up my sign in the kitchen :) Today was the best time to put it up too because it’s been crazy over here in Run Eat Repeat land. And yes, in case you’re wondering – that’s how I refer to my house… “Hey, you guys want to come over to run eat repeat land?” Just kidding, I never invite people over. That would require me to clean and it’s not happening. I started … [Read more...]