Limo Service in San Francisco


I’m heeeere! A group of us shared a limo to the hotel. Since there were five of us it was the same price as a taxi. Nice. I spotted Meghann as soon as I got to baggage claim. It was nice to see a familiar face straight away. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a limo before! I was super excited!  Meghann and Holly We were greeted at the Drake by a snazzy … [Read more...]

Friday Flight to ‘Frisco


*I remember reading in a travel book years and years ago that locals don’t say “Frisco” in reference to San Francisco. Because of that I never say “Frisco”, but I love a good alliteration, so I made an exception :) Fun fact: I’ve never flown to SF before! Growing up I went there a few times on family road trips and Ben and I made a fun road trip to SF too, but never flew. It’s … [Read more...]

Too Much Pizza


I was at Starbucks until about 1pm when I decided to break for lunch. But, I didn’t have the car so my options were very limited. I wasn’t feeling a Starbucks egg sandwich, so I decided to go next door and get a big ol’ deli sub from Ralphs. I don’t like doing straight up veggie sandwiches because they don’t keep me full for 5 minutes, but they were out of tuna. Fail. I ended … [Read more...]