Foodbuzz Gala Dinner

Last night was the Foodbuzz dinner gala at the Grand Hall, Ferry Building.

IMG_3558 Funny to think we were here earlier for the Farmer’s Market and now the place was all “fancied up”.

IMG_3515 Tina, Anne P. and I were fancied up too :) IMG_3522

Chia pet center piece. I love chia seeds, so that’s a compliment :)




I’m not a big fan of beets, but this was decent. It didn’t change my view on beets, but I tried it.


Course two… Seared scallops


I love scallops! These were big and melted like butter in your mouth. 


For the main course they had lamb, but I don’t eat Mary’s little lamb so I opted for the cod.



Dessert! Tarta de Almedras with Oranges aka a piece of almond cake with oranges. I deeply believe that dessert should incorporate chocolate so I was a little disappointed.



The company made up for any disappointment :) I sat next to Janetha and we talked nonstop the whole time. I am completely filled in on every last detail of her life. And she may now be aware of what my deepest darkest secrets as well. Thank you.


Dessert wine should end every meal. Even breakfast. IMG_3543



At the end of the night Foodbuzz suggested a scavenger hunt, but no one else was down for it, so we opted out. IMG_3551 

Instead was made our way back to the hotel for more chatting before calling it a night after midnight. Bobbi and I were planning a run in the morning and had to be party poopers. IMG_3560


  1. says

    Loved chatting with you on the walk home! I remembered the name of that book I was telling you about and will email you soon! Hope you are enjoying your day–missed you at the brunch :(

  2. says

    I’m glad you’re having so much fun in San Fransisco. I agree with you, dessert should incorporate chocolate in some form or another. Just by the looks of it, I probably wouldn’t have loved that dessert, either.

    And completely off topic….I really like the way you did your hair for the big gala dinner. :)

  3. says

    i LOOVE your dress, it looks so good on you!

    and dang, that’s a whole lotta seafood. due to an unfortunate christmas eve bisque my mom made a couple years back, just the thought of seafood in my mouth usually sends my guts churning :(

  4. Marcee/CHICAGO says

    Wow …. all of you ladies look fantastic!! Love beets/fennel …. they are delicious and healthy. Scallops are so-so. Many years ago I tasted a bit of one, I would try again. NO-NO-NO to the poor little lamb …. ohhh, CANNOT eat that. What is the yellow side dish w/the cod? Grits maybe. Most likely very tasty. Dessert = simple and fresh. Keep havin fun gals! Wonderful this dinner was a huge success + fab memories!

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