Kiss the Fish


Today we went to the Foodbuzz Taste Pavillion.

IMG_3427 There were tons of tables set up with wine, beer and amazing food.



The one vegetable I had today came in the form of a quinoa salad. This chef was super nice, but I didn’t catch his name :)



I want S’more

IMG_3446 Janetha and Holly were enjoying the s’mores too


Everyone raved about the butternut squash soup, but I wasn’t in love.

IMG_3453 I am in love with how pretty it is though.


From sweet potato fries, to toffee to pickled veggies – we had it all!

IMG_3458 This was the highlight of my beverage consumption – a Moscato from Jacob’s Creek.


These cookies are “for people who love cookie dough more than the actual cookie”

IMG_3451 Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. The chips to cookie ratio was almost 50-50 and they were super soft and chewy.


Janetha is another favorite of mine :)


Then I finally bit the bullet and got in the l-o-n-g line for fish tacos.IMG_3472Anyone who had already had the fish tacos said, “The line is super long, but it’s worth it.”  I was sold when I saw someone taking a huge bowl of guac to that area.

IMG_3469 Freddy the fish was subject to witnessing the fish taco carnage. It’s kinda morbid.


I love salmon!


Okay Freddie, I’ll give ya a kiss…monica kiss fish I can’t believe I did that.

The line was totally worth it when I walked away with this. I got a salmon and a mahi.



We insisted on taking a picture with our tacos since the build up was over the top.

IMG_3478 Dessert – more cupcakes. But, can you ever really get sick of them? I can’t.



Annelies! The last time I saw her was at HLS :) 


Then, we had some fun. There was a green screen where we made fun flip books.singing 

 monica with sign

Today was another gorgeous day!



We took it outside for a photo shoot. Some of us were more excited than others…

IMG_3499 Okay, we were all excited. It’s been a blast so far!


I took some pears to go. These things are perfectly ripe, sweet and delicious. I may dig another one out of my bag right now…


Hope you are having a fun weekend too!IMG_3509

“Wish you were beer here!”



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    Monica, It was really nice to meet you this weekend. I hope Ashlee and i can get to know you better. We have had an amazing time getting to know some pretty cool healthy food/living bloggers.. I hope you have a safe trip home and please let us know if you are ever in Tennessee..
    p.s I hope you are not vertical challenged next time I see you… or Jumping challenged..:)

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