Dim Sum and Den Sum


After brunch yesterday Meghann and I had some time to kill before our 2pm lunch plans. We decided to walk over to Chinatown and explore. I remember there being more to see, but maybe we were just on the wrong street? The colorful lanterns were fun at least :) Meghann and I We had Dim Sum at Yank Sing in Chinatown The dim sum I’ve had in the past is in super … [Read more...]

Golden Gate Bridge Run


I have always wanted to run across the Golden Gate bridge, so when I realized that my roommates for the Foodbuzz Festival were Meghann and Bobbi - aka some of the baddest running bloggers around I knew I would have company on this experience. Meghann ended up running with Aron from Runner’s Rambles because they both have marathons coming up, so Bobbi and I went it alone. … [Read more...]