Dim Sum and Den Sum

After brunch yesterday Meghann and I had some time to kill before our 2pm lunch plans. We decided to walk over to Chinatown and explore.

IMG_3602 I remember there being more to see, but maybe we were just on the wrong street? The colorful lanterns were fun at least :)


Meghann and I

IMG_3606 We had Dim Sum at Yank Sing in Chinatown

IMG_3634 The dim sum I’ve had in the past is in super crowded, busy and loud restaurants. This was a lot quieter and less busy in comparison. IMG_3623

For those who don’t know, at dim sum the waiters and waitresses push around carts full of different Chinese delights. As they walk by they show you what’s in the different steamers or on the plates and you pick and choose what you want as you go along.


This place didn’t have any vegetarian options, and I ran almost 13 miles that morning so sticking to  tea was not an option. Sometimes you just have to do your best and not worry about it :) I think these were some kind of pork dumpling?



Chicken stuffed mushrooms.

IMG_3617 Finally something green. I love Chinese green beans from a local place and these were delicious too.  IMG_3620

I didn’t keep track of how much I was eating and had some of each.

IMG_3627 Egg Rolls, aren’t these pretty?


More green :)

IMG_3630 The carts keep coming by until you let them know you’re done. I love that you get to “check out” the food before ordering it at places like this. You know exactly what you’re getting.


Our lunch companions were Sabrina and her husband, Trig.

IMG_3632 After lunch we parted ways since I was going to the airport a lot earlier than everyone else. I walked around Union Square until Ben called and requested I bring home a loaf of sourdough. I had about 45 minutes to book it to the Ferry Building grab some bread and get to my hotel to catch the shuttle. Luckily, I made it :)

While at the Ferry Building, I picked up a salad and yogurt to have for dinner. I added a pear that I got from the Taste Pavilion and a Fiber One bar to round out the meal.


Ben picked me up from the airport last night and we caught up on each other’s weekends, hence the late post.

I had THE BEST time this weekend with my roommates and new and old friends! Hope to see then again real soon!!!IMG_3502

I have a blood test this morning and I haven’t eaten since 9:15pm last night. I’m hungry and attempting to distract myself with the internet. It’s not working.


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    first off, the title of this post is awesome.

    second, it was SO GOOD to meet you this weekend! i had so much fun hangin the limo with you, chatting a bit at dinner and bumming around. hope you made it home safe – we best be seeing each other next year!!!

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