My Fastest Mile

I made the thickest smoothie post run this morning.IMG_3734

In the mix: protein powder, ice, spinach, chia seeds, water. It made two glasses, which I enjoyed both of with a whole wheat Indian flat bread on the side. The flat bread from TJ’s is thick and chewy in the best way.

IMG_3739 Half almond butter/pumpkin butter half pumpkin cream cheese with naner.


I was still hungry after this and decided to polish off a chocolate chip Larabar. This is better than I remembered :)

IMG_3743 Pre-breakfast I had the best run! I found a good (read: downhill) route for most of it. Ahhhhh! There is something so psychological about having a good run. Like my confidence in myself is restored :)

6 miles average pace: 8:21

Mile 1: 8:22

Mile 2: 8:34

Mile 3: 8:15

Mile 4: 7:42 – I think this is the fastest I’ve ever ran a mile!

Mile 5: 8:13

Mile 6: 8:40

Pre-pre-run and breakfast I made Ben the most important meal of the day. I had some leftover pasta I had made him the other day. It wasn’t enough for a full meal, but I didn’t want to waste it.

I decided to throw it in a pan…


and added some eggs and cheese…


Served with some of the San Francisco sourdough I brought back from this weekend.IMG_3727 Leftover scrambles work with practically anything! Try it.


Question: Do you like leftovers? Do you change them up at all?


  1. says

    Great job on the run! That’s fast!

    I like leftovers. Most of the time they are pretty good. With chicken leftovers we usually mix them up…make fajitas, quesadillas, salads, etc.

  2. says

    Awesome run! I wish I were faster like I used to be 2 years ago, but on the bright side I can run MUCH farther now which also makes me happy. Come run the National Marathon, we’ll pace a sub 4:00, and I’ll give you a business card :-)

  3. says

    Congrats on the mile PR!! That’s so awesome!

    I usually just reheat my leftovers, but you’ve got me thinking about tofu scrambles and baked potato toppings now, especially for the “little of this, little of that” type stuff. :contemplates curry over tofu:

  4. Valerie C. says

    I feel like THE HULK whenever i have an amazing run!! it’s awesome when you can just go faster….and faster…AND FASTER! you feel like a rockstar…like “Oh yeah i completed 9 miles..AND WHAT?”

  5. says

    OMG you are super speedy – GO MONICA! I love leftovers, they mean no cooking the next day! I try to always make at least 2 meals at a time because I get home too late too cook so much of the time. Or I can throw it in the freezer for a quick meal later on! I love the scramble idea, need to try that.

  6. says

    Whoo hoo – way to be SPEEDY!

    I love the idea of putting eggs with the leftover pasta…I’ll have to try that. We always end up with a tiny serving left over. I usually add extra veggies to it and call it a lunch at work, but this egg idea is awesome!

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